Getting Started with Omega

Getting Started with Omega

Ok, you’ve got a shiny new body.. you’ve successfully installed your Omega Kit
Now what?

Grab the Makeup Routing HUD
Even if you don’t have a mesh head yet, the Makeup Routing HUD has a few features in it’s settings/debug menu that makes it useful to all Omega users.

  • DeleteScript: If your mesh has a a plug-in or pre-installed Omega Script, this will delete that script. Note: Not all our kits have been updated with this feature yet, but this will work on ANY Omega kit that has. So if you only want to delete the script out of some of your meshes, remove the others pieces first.
  • Debug: Resets the HUD and attempts to reset the scripts in any Omega HUDs and Meshes. Note: This feature is new and has not been implemented in all Kits. We will be doing this over time. Also note, this MAY require you to re-activate if your mesh uses a plug-in.
  • Install: The Routing HUD remembers any Plug-Ins Installers you use while wearing it. If you select Install from the menu, it’ll re-install these kits.
  • List: This will print out a list of the Plug-ins the router can activate for you.
Familiarize Yourself.

Well first.. make sure you’ve familiarized yourself with your bodys HUDs and Capabilities.

Each body is a special snowflake, with a wide range of capabilities. Make sure you know how to use the hud, how many layers you have, how to turn those layers on and off, ect. Read our page about your mesh.  A little time snooping around these buttons will save you frustration latter.

Convert your old Wardrobe.

While not the primary function of Omega, there are some older appliers that CAN be converted to Omega. This includes:

  • Tango Appliers: Tango appliers will work on any Omega enabled part, without any conversion needed, as long as the texture is a full upper texture. If  you find a tango applier that does strange things, it’s likely Partial Texture Syndrome
  • PhatAzz, Banned and Perfect Appliers: All of these Ass appliers can be converted using the Basic NC Converter. 
  • Misc NC Converters:  Kitties Lair,  Sking, Ghetto Booty and SOME (not all) Slink Products can be converted using the appropriate NC converter. We have a list of available NC converters here:

Important: While we have provided tools for salvaging much of your inventory… they are not fool proof, and there is no way to know if a particular applier will successfully be converted before trying. So we do NOT recommend purchasing new items with the hopes of using a converter, however if you have appliers in your inventory or you find a freebee, it can be worth the effort.

Go Shopping for a New Wardrobe!

We have a plethora of resources for you to find Omega Appliers for your mesh!
Check out the Shopping Page here:


How do I remove clothing?
Generally you don’t remove clothing completely. It just gets turned invisible using the Meshes HUD. Somewhere on that HUD should be a toggle for each layer.
Older Meshes However, like Petite, Implant Nation, ect may not have a HUD and instead use clothing shells. In that case, you simply remove the shell.If you really really want to clear a layer off, some of the newer Relays have that as an option, or you can pick up a Clear Applier here:

My Clothing is Flickering… not showing up… or otherwise glitching..
First, make sure you have the clothing layer turned on via your Meshes HUD, and/or the Clothing layers attached if they are separate attachments.

If that doesn’t work, you may have an Alpha Glitch Issue. It’s an issue with all mesh, and is not unique to SL. It happens when multiple transparent-ish textures overlap, your Vid Card just.. doesn’t know what to do.  There is a fix built into MOST Mesh HUDs.

We explain it in more depth here:

If it’s still not showing up, you can verify that an applier works by visiting the Mannequins in our store. Simply walk near them and try the applier a couple times. If the outfit appears on them, then the applier is functional, if not, you may have a bum applier.

I can’t find the button for _________ for my ________ body….
Try our Inworld group, Omega Applier System – Support.  It’s hard to give a detailed walk-through for every single mesh’s HUD, but there’s usually someone in the group using the same body as you who can point you in the right direction.

How do I convert System Clothing?
Unless you are given the UUID by the clothing creator, there is no way to convert System Clothing without breaking several TOSs, Mine and the Original Creators. If anyone tries to show you how, or say they can make you an applier and they ARN’T the original creator, stay away. They may be trying to do you a miss-guided favor.. they may also be using you to steal.

That being said, some creators are really cool and will make you an applier if you ask NICELY. (Ask, not demand!). Barring that, there’s tons of Omega Friendly Clothing floating around now,  and who doesn’t like going shopping? 🙂