Partial Texture Syndrome

Partial Texture Syndrome
Has this ever happened to you?


One of the beautys of the Omega system is that you can use tango appliers on your meshs…but sometimes…, you get what you see above. Nipples for belly buttons and weird sleaves and shoulder straps going up your chest.
What Causes this?
Partial Textures!
Clothing and skin designers basically had two options when making appliers.
The full SLUV map (shown on the left) or the Lolas Tango map (shown on the right)
The Lolas map is basically the upper left quarter of the SLUV map and didn’t need to be used.
However, many did not realize this, and some did it as a way to protect their textures from thieves.
As a result, about half of the old tango applier textures you find use this partial map,  which causes the issues we see above.
Can it be fixed?
Saddly, No. There’s nothing a script can do to make texture appear out of thin air.
Even if you set the repeats to properly alight the upper left portion (say if you have pasties you want to wear and arn’t worried about the rest of the texture), then you’d see you would see your texture repeated 4 times over the mesh. So unfortunately it’s a unfix-able problem.
What Should I do then?
Your only real recourse is to speak with the creator. Explain that you’re trying to use their item on your mesh body, and NICELY request a full texture applier.
(And PLEASE be nice about it, they are under no obligation to make you a new applier. )
You may also want to tell them about the Omega System and point them at this blog!
I make things… how do I fix/avoid this exactly?
When you make your tango appliers, don’t use a different texture for the boobies. Use the same one you use for the top, then use these repeats in your tango applier:
# Reapeat in X and Y (Z is ignored)
REPEATS = <.5,.5, 0.0>
# Offsets in X and Y (Z is ignored)
OFFSETS = <-0.25, 0.25, 0.0>
# Rotation in degrees
I make things and all my Tango appliers
use the full upper texture!
Great! May I suggest putting something like this out?
That’s all for now my lovelies!
-Chellynne Bailey
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