Info for Clothing Designers

Info for Clothing Designers

We know that Designers are bogged down by the numerous Mesh Body Parts that your customers would like you to make for your wonderful products. Other then Tango sharing the appliers communication channel, all other appliers are strictly on their own channel.  This has caused Designers to have to make multiple appliers, and Customers to have to move note-cards from applier to applier if their mesh body part doesn’t have an applier available. Both are time consuming and monotonous.

The Omega System has set out to change all that. We’ve created Kits for hundreds of meshes that allow consumers install the Omega System into their Bodys, Heads, Hands, Feet, etc.  A one time simple step for each body part, and the customer is ready to use any clothing with Omega Appliers, dropping the burden on creators from dozens of appliers to 1!

( We have a full list of currently supported meshes here.  )

Additionally, any implant that uses Tango Appliers is automatically compatible with the Omega System, no kit needed.

In addition to cutting down on applier count by eliminating the need for single brand appliers, we also wanted to cut down on the number of appliers you need to make by eliminating separate Top, Bra and Tattoo Appliers.

EVERY applier has a single Applier Script + a single Config Script to set up and lets your customers apply to THEIR choice of 3 layers! Obviously, not all meshes come with all 3 layers, but those that do will be able to take full advantage WITHOUT asking you for more appliers or resorting to card swapping.

That’s right, these are our clothing Appliers:

Standard Appliers: Our Standard Appliers are what you’re used to, a simple applier that lets you apply textures to mesh bodys.

Materials Appliers: Our Materials applier takes appliers to the next level, letting you also create and apply Spectral and Normal maps (aka Bump maps) to your creations.  These next gen appliers work on most of our meshes, but you should check our supported meshes list to see which bodys are materials ready.

Tinting Appliers: Our Tinting appliers bring back the ability to tint clothing, tattoos and skins. These specialty appliers let your customers tint your creation to any color their hearts desire. Like Materials appliers, these appliers work on most of our meshes, but you should check our supported meshes list to see which bodys are tinting ready.


How do I make these appliers?
You can find the instructions for, and links to the dev kit here:
Dev Kit Instructions

Can I still make Multi-huds?
Only the Standard Appliers can be linked together at this time, just make sure the text zones stay the same! To make this easier, we’ve provided PSDs here:

Whats the cost?
The Dev Kit is FREE. Omega Kits for Consumers are 99L on the MP, or they can grab them for 50L with a group tag. 🙂

Does it use the same Textures as the Standard Body?
Yes! The only thing you need to be mindful of is you need to use this map:

not the Tango partial map!

(And yes, the full map will work on Tangos,  just make sure you don’t change the repeat/offset info we’ve set in the appliers!)

Even if you decide not to join the Omega Project, simply ensuring your tango appliers use these full textures will allow Omega users to use your clothing!

So I can stop making other appliers?
From a technical standpoint, all you need to provide is Omega and appliers for any non-Omega Meshes your customers use. However from a marketing standpoint, there is still some value in provide other appliers, simply so you’ll show up in search. While I hesitate to offer marketing advice, the most common tactic seems to be to offer Omega and then listing popular meshes Omega works with in the listing/ad. (Ie Omega works with ______, ________, ___________! )

If I can’t stop making other appliers, whats the point?
New bodys and meshes are coming out all the time now. By providing and promoting Omega appliers, you’re giving your customers a way to get clothing for their new meshes without waiting on you to redo your line of clothes with new appliers again…and again… AND AGAIN.

How do I promote my Omega Appliers?
We have a variety of ways for you to promote your Omega Clothing:

How do I make Tattoos?
There is no difference between making Tattoo appliers and making clothing appliers, they use the same appliers.

How do I make Sock/Glove Appliers?
We do not separate the gloves/socks from the rest of the body. If the mesh has clothing layers that cover the hands/feet, the clothing appliers will apply to them.

I don’t own a mesh body… how do I make sure my appliers are working?
If you visit us on the 2nd floor, we have a set of mannequins in the creators corner that respond to any Omega applier used near them. (Don’t worry, they clear themselves after 5mins of inactivity!)
(if this link is broken, use the “Inworld” link in the sidebar/header)

You know any good Full Perm Template makers?
These folks have great templates and plenty of opportunities for newbies to get templates free or on the cheap! (Sales, MM boards, LCs, Group Gifts, ect)