Info for Mesh Makers

Info for Mesh Makers

What is the Omega System?

The Omega System is my attempt to bring some order to a sea of applier chaos! Omega is a type of middleware designed to drastically cut down the burdens of creating for Mesh Bodies.  Designers only have to make a single applier to support 100s of meshes instead of individual appliers for each one and mesh makers can worry less about convincing designers to include them in their line up.

By supporting Omega, your Mesh instantly gains access to 100s of thousands of Omega Applier Products on day one. You’re no longer under pressure to convince designers to support your proprietary applier or to resort to the unscrupulous tactic of showing customers how to rip textures to use on their meshes.

So you focus on what you do best Mr/Mrs. mesh maker and simply make the best mesh you can make! Do not concern yourself with getting people to make your appliers. Omega has you covered!!

System Requirements:

What is NOT a requirement!

Occasionally, I’ll get someone thinking something is required that is not. This is a short list of things that are NOT a requirement!

  • That the Mesh be Modify/No-Modify:  While I always recommend Modify, your Modify/No-Mod status is completely up to you!
  • That the Mesh be pretty:  If I find flaws in your mesh, or it looks like a potato, I will point it out, but there is NO appearance based requirements. It’s not my job to arbitrate what is pretty enough for the Marketplace.  It’s why we have setup fees. If YOU think it’s worth the fee, then it’s worth the fee!
  • That I can see inside your scripts:  Nope! The only time I need to see your scripts is if we’re doing a full scripting arrangement, or if you offer them up during troubleshooting an API issue.
  • That they can only be human:  We started with human avis, but as long as it uses our UVs, I’m super happy anytime someone gives, claws, paws, tails, antennae, etc!

No Ripped or Full Perm Mesh

I’d hope this was obvious, but I won’t provide scripts for those I know to have ripped the mesh in question or any of the textured used on it. Additionally, I will not script Meshes purchased full perm from the MP without the express permission of the creator. If you have commissioned a mesh, make sure the creator is ready to speak with me, or that they’ve given you a .dae to upload so your names on the thing. I’d also like to note all our Pre-Installed Scripts have a backdoor for me to shut down those I find have violated my trust in this regard.

Our Full Policy on Full Perm Meshes

No Stand-Alone Mesh Skirts

These are items I already sell myself. I will not script them for you to sell by themselves.
If however you’re including them or attaching them to another mesh you made
(Ie, you made a mesh body and it includes a skirt prim) I will of course script that attachment.

Basic Minimum Performance Requirements

In order to protect our customers from poorly optimized Meshes:

  • Meshes must have a reasonable ACI. Roughly 10k is recommended, anything over 50k, we reserve the right to refuse.
  • Meshes must have a reasonable Script count. 1-5 is recommended. Anything over 10 (not including huds), we reserve the right to refuse.
  • Meshes must have a reasonable Prim count for what they are. We reserve the right to refuse any mesh with more then twice the market average. (Currently 50ish for bodies)
  • Meshes with multiple clothing layers must have some means of handling the Alpha Glitch, either by providing toggles on the HUD or by being Modify.
  • Mesh Heads  with overlapping layers must utilize the Alpha Glitch Work-Around of having all overlapping layers on the same prim.
  • All Meshes with a skin layer must utilize the Alpha_Mode_None or Alpha_Mode_Masking fix. (Set the skin to Alpha_Mode_none or Alpha_Mode_Masking after each skin application)

Required UV Maps

The mesh needs to use the right UV maps:  There is nothing I can do if the Mesh is not SLUV. The only bits that shouldn’t be SLUV are the nails and nipples which should be Square UV and Lolas UV respectively.

Update: By popular demand. We’ve added a Neckblender UV. If you add a neck blender, please use it. Skin makers will thank you!


If for some reason you choose not to use these UVs for the entire mesh, we can omit those sections, but strongly suggest you resist the urge to use other UVs.You may have some success, but we find it hurts you long term to deviate from them. Remember, you’re not just creating a work of art, but a canvas for other’s creativity. The less work you make for them, the more creativity can flurish.Note: In the case of Nail UVs, we’ve had some success in using texture torture to make the textures fit other “square” UVs… show me your UV map and I’ll tell you if it’s possible.

Testing Materials

I need to be able to see and test the item!I don’t like asking for “freebees” but sending me your mesh is the easiest way for me to get the info I need and test it when I’m done.If you want Direct Application, or a API Application via Linked Message, I’ll need it to be modify. It it’s an API Application OTHER then by Linked_Messages, then No-Modify is sufficient. However do NOT send me some jumbled mess that you’ve shrunk into oblivion. I need to be able to see where things are getting applied. Especially if I’m doing a customer paid kit for you, (ie, free scripting) for the love of appliers, make it look sensible when rezzed.  You can put no-rez scripts in and make it a jumbled mess AFTER I’ve done the scripts for you.If you want to be super slick, send me the mesh BEFORE your release date, I’ll send you back a Caspervend with the kit in it so you can put it out the same day

Note: Please also do me a favor and send me your item through your vendor system as well. This allows me to grab redeliveries and allows me to provide better customer service to your customers when they come to me. It’s much easier to tell them where things are and what they are named if I have an updated product to look at.

Requirements for Direct Application Kits:

Consistent Naming and or Description Scheme My scripts need something to base it’s texturing decisions on. Layers with “Pants”, “Skin” and “underwear” in the descriptions make scripting your mesh a million times easier and makes it less likely for you to accidentally break it during a future update ^.^ This is particularly important if you have a large line of Mesh like Immortals and Sking.  I can make your 100 prim mesh with no names and descriptions work…but you WILL pay for my time if this is the case and I really won’t like you after…..Of course, if you select API Application, this doesn’t matter.

A MODIFY Version of the Mesh for Testing: Can’t develop and test this sort of kit without dropping scripts into the body for testing. Your mesh doesn’t have to be sold Modify, but I personally will need a modify version. And Again… no jumbled Messes

Requirements for API Application Kits

Your API: I’ll of course need to know what API you want me to use.
Channels: If we’re using channels, I’ll need to know what channel info you want me to use. For the record, we have a strict policy of never revealing or using shared channels without permission. We’ve been doing this over a year and have never leaked or abused any of them.
About Linked Messages: If we’re doing Linked Messages, obviously no channel is needed, but please note, we will NOT do linked messages in any prim or mesh that is modify. This is to protect Designers UUIDs. Additionally, we only will do link_message scripting for designers with a established reputation of tight security.
No Outside Storage: You cannot, for any reason, store UUIDs or textures provided by Omega appliers in transferable or outside storage. All storage, if there is any, must be in secure non-transferable items in the possession of the applier user.

Scripts for Custom or Personal Meshes

I.. can’t be making scripts for meshes that aren’t going to hit the market.  It’s too time-consuming.

So if you’re not making something for the market, ie, you’re just making yourself a Mesh, or Making meshes for individual clients.. instead of contacting Chellynne, you’ll need to use either the:

  • Mesh Studio Kit: If you’re making Heads using the Mesh Studio Kit by Yabusaka, you can simply use the Mesh Studio Kit. It also works on heads that are just a single skin layer.
  • Mesh Maker Dev Kit: For everything else, you need this kit has no-trans scripts for folks wanting to just test out the meshes they are making before contacting me and those who make personal and/or custom Meshes. Included is a vendor to make a copy of the script available to your customers.


Decisions and TOS

Once you understand and accept the requirements, the next step is to make 2 big decisions.

Decision One: Payment Plan

You essentially have two options for payment.

  • Customer Paid*: We can create a customer purchased kit which requires a purchase from the customer.
    This is cheaper for you but creates an additional step the customer must take to get Omega Installed.

    • Kits are 99L for the Customer and cover all the meshes from a particular mesh maker.
      • Exception: Kits for Full Perm Meshes are 299L and may or may not cover all meshes from a particular maker depending on the situation.
    • As of 6/18/2017, Customer Paid Kits have a 5K Setup Fee if:
      • You use the provided Omega Logo on the product
      • Put the promotional item we give you into the package. (Just a little HUD that’ll point them to the Blog/Support Groups/ect)
      • Allow us to provide keywords for your product descriptions or use our API.
    • As of 6/18/2017, Customer Paid Kits have a 10K Setup Fee if:
      • You make me script around your API.
      • You refuse to simplify my work by adding keywords to prim names and/or descriptions if asked.
      • You refuse to use our Logo or Include the promotional items provide.
    • The Setup Fee may be waived/reduced/changed at any time at my discretion.
    • As of 5/14/2016 Customer Paid will no longer be offered to “simple” meshes.
      • No-Clothing Bodies. Ie, bodies that are just a skin layer and no clothes.
      • Type D or Type Y Heads.
      • Stand Alone Mesh Eyes. (Mesh eyes not accompanying a head)
      • These items can still be scripted, but only through the Designer Paid Option and may or may not be featured on the Blog/Inworld.
    • As of 1/1/2020, the setup fee will be in line with Pre-Installed kits.
  • Designer Paid AKA Pre-Installed: We can also set it up to work right out of the box.
    • Free for Customers
    • Requires a Setup Fee. This fee Starts at 5k and can go as high as 35k depending on the complexity of the mesh and discounts earned.
    • Also Requires a Per-Sale Fee. This Fee starts at approx 75L per sale and scales down when additional meshes are released.
    • Full Pre-Installed Pricing Information here
  • The Full Scripting Option: Another option for getting Omega into your mesh is to hire us for full scripting, ya know appliers, huds, alphas, layers, masking mode, etc and that comes with Omega Built-in. Unlike the other 2 options, however, I reserve the right to pick and choose what projects I think are worth my time. The price and availability of this depend on how much time I currently have, and how popular I think the mesh will be.
    Cost For You: Contact for Pricing Cost For Customer: null
    TOS for Pre-Installed and Plug-In Kits

TOS for Pre-Installed and Plug-In Kits

TOS for Omega Listener Scripts

In Purchasing and/or Distributing our scripts you agree to the following terms:
This is the basic TOS for all Plug-In and Pre-Installed Scripts.  This TOS also applies to all UUIDs and other Info Passed to your scripts by us.
Breaches in this TOS will result in any scripts being shut down and any Relays being taken off the Market.
It is subject to change without notice.

Also note: We DO have the means to shut down our pre-installed scripts
remotely if we find someone in breach of TOS. 

  1. TOS Compliance: The scripts may not be used in any product that violates Linden Labs TOS or any other applicable TOS.
  2. Underage & Offensive Meshes: Adult Themed Meshes are fully supported except in the case of Ageplay and Certain Extreme Fetishes.
    1. Underage Meshes: Meshes designed for ageplay are strictly forbidden. This means
      1. If your Mesh is underage, it may not have modeled lower genitalia. You can’t control skin makers, but you can skip adding a labia to a pre-teen.
      2. If your mesh is underage, you may not sell add-ons or other items for it in adult activities. Ie, no making Bondage Outfits for your Toddlers or sex toys for your pre-teen.
      3. If your mesh is underage, you may not feature it in ads for other adult products.
      4. If at any time I feel uncomfortable with how you are marketing your underage mesh, I may ask you to remove Omega or alter your marketing.
    2. Extreme Fetishes: There are not many Fetishes we object to, “do your own thing” is our motto. However:
      1. Overtly Racist Marketing of Meshes will not be allowed. By all means, make that big beautiful African mesh. But keep your adverts as classy and unoffensive as possible. Unsure if what you have in mind is allowed? Ask!
      2. Disabled Meshes: Many people get offended at dismembered and otherwise disabled meshes, but people with disabilities deserve to have meshes to represent them. So I have no issues with them. Just keep your marketing non-sexual and non-violent.
  3. IP Infringements: These scripts may not be used to for IP infringement of any sort.
  4. Promotion
    1. Product Naming: Do not name your Omega friendly products “Omega _______” or any other variation of “_____ Omega _____”.
      Omega is our name and should only appear on our products. Thank you.
    2. Logos: I provide a variety of logos to help identify Omega Friendly products for customers. These Logos must only be used in the manor described and intended, and may not be redistributed on their own.
  5. Script Distribution:
    1. Unless otherwise stated, scripts may not be distributed copy/Trans. They must be either copy/no-trans or no-copy/trans.
    2. The scripts may not be distributed or sold alone and may only be distributed in the agreed upon mesh creation(s).
    3. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the scripts may not be distributed in trans mesh.
    4. The scripts may only be distributed by the creator they are created for.
    5. The scripts may only be distributed in the products they are created for.
  6. Proprietary Channels:
    1. The scripts may not be used in any attempt to reverse engineer Omega Channels.
    2. The scripts may not be used in any attempt to reverse engineer any other Meshes Channels.
    3. The scripts may not be used in products that uses reverse engineered Mesh Channels without permission. (Ie, uses Wowmeh, Kitties Lair, Phat Azz, Slink or any other Products Channels without their creator’s permission)
  7. Data Protection:
    1. No outside storage. UUIDs and other data sent by Omega Appliers may not be stored or transmitted to outside servers, inworld or otherwise.
    2. No transferable storage. UUIDs and other data sent by Omega Appliers may not be stored in any trans Objects, nor in anywhere else that is not a no-trans item in the customer’s possession. (Ie, Body and/or HUD)
    3. All UUIDs and other Data provided by Omega scripts must be kept secure. This includes, but is not limited to ;
      1. Not exposing UUIDs to customers
      2. Not displaying applier textures on flat resizable/modifyable prims.
      3. Making sure all Linked_Messaging only occurs in no-mod prims and fails outside of those prims,
      4. Using reasonably hard to detect channels and keeping those channels closely guarded.
      5. Alerting us if the channels we’ve been given have been compromised so we might come up with a solution. (Usually Switching our communications to your mesh to a new channel)
  8. Updates: Occasionally an update may be distributed to add new features or implement fixes.
    1. You are not required to use the updated script and can continue to use the old script if you prefer.
    2. Exception: If the update includes the fix of a security issue or other major bug. In that case, you are not required to use the new script, but you must remove the old.
  9. HUD Modifications:  If any Relays or HUDs are provided, they will not be altered without my express permission. This includes the removal or addition of buttons, features, links, re-skinning or the like.
  10. UV Map Sharing:
    1. You agree to allow us to redistribute any UV Maps/PSDs and other creator tools you make available to the general public or provide us. These items will be used for the sole purpose of creating guides and other materials for creators.
    2. Exception: Materials can be excluded ON REQUEST as long as you do not have them available to the general public. Please make your preference known when handing us materials.
  11. Fee Payments:
    1. In the case of Pre-Installed Option, The flat fee is due immediately upon delivery of the final copy/trans version. All agreed upon disbursements much be made in an orderly fashion in an automated matter. Ie: through caspervends profit sharing feature and/or the Marketplace Disbursement Feature.
    2. All disbursement payments go to xanderpendragon resident.
  12. Payment Plan Changes: Pre-Installed Kits normally must be selected and installed prior to Launch, not after.  If needed, however:
    1.  Plug-in Kits can be upgraded to Pre-Installed after 1 month of release with no penalty as long as the switch is not advertised beforehand.
    2. Switching from No-Kit directly to Pre-Installed will require an additional payment of your prior sales times the distribution Fee.
  13. Guarantee of Creator Privacy: It is our promise that any information provided to us privately will not be shared/leaked/etc without express permission. Any information publicly available is not covered by this.  But this means:
    1. We will not disclose any information about impending updates/changes/features without your express permission until the time of those updates/changes. (So if you’d like us to “leak” something, say so!)
    2. Your Channels, Encryption, and Formatting will not be disclosed without your expressed permission. Nor will it be used without your permission. (Ie, If you give us channels to make a relay, we will not use those channels to make other products)
    3. Information about DMCA issues, conflicts and drama will not be shared/exposed.
    4. We will not share Specific tricks shared with us until they become “Common Features”.
      1. Ie, we won’t share how you did that neat trick with the ____ that no one else is doing yet….
      2. “Common Features” are features and methods that at least 5 creators have figured out and implemented.  Examples include Alpha HUDs, Layer Toggles, Naked Buttons,  and other common features on the market, including, but not limited to:
        1. Using Transparency to hide/show parts of the mesh
        2. Using Scripting to control the Alpha Mode of a layer
        3. Using Shrinkwrap to create clothing layers
        4. Rigging wrists/ankles to standard sizes.


TOS for Nails

In addition to the TOS above, nail meshes (meshes that are JUST nails, nothing else) have the following terms:
  1. Unrigged Nails must be no-mod.
  2. Nails must be to fit a certain mesh (or standard avi) hand and/or feet.
  3. Nails must provide something that none of the existing or planned nails provide. (different length, different pose or different style)
  4. Nails must not be free and must cost a reasonable amount (250L minimum)
  5. Each set must be cleared by Chellynne Bailey. This is to ensure that we don’t have multiples coming out. We advise informing Chellynne Bailey before you start work to ensure someones not already working on that set. She will reserve ONE length/style for you for 3 months only.
  6. Nails must be kept up-to-date. If the mesh hands they are designed to serve are re-shaped, the nails will also need to be reshaped or discontinued.
Decision Two: Implementation

This is how the kit is implemented. If you’re not sure which you need, then you need Direct Application.

  • Direct Application: Our traditional method is to simply directly paint the layers ourselves. No additional scripting is needed on your part. If Designer Paid is picked, there may be a discount for using our prim names or descriptions. (Saves us work). If Customer Paid is Picked, using our prim names or descriptions gets you a 50% affiliate kit instead of the normal 35% one.
  • API Application: Some mesh makers prefer we communicate directly to their internal API, This can be done by giving us your applier channel information, or by creating a custom API just for us. This is more work for you, but in the long run results in more reliable body and kit behavior, and allows for communication with wardrobe functions. Learn About API Building


How do I get started?!

Once you understand and accept the requirements and have made your two decisions, the next step is to get a mesh into my hands.

Make a Folder labeled “OSK Request – ” <YourName or Brand> – (Current Date) and include:

  • Your fully assembled mesh Set to copy/mod/no-trans. Include all attached bits, even the non-omega ones, and make sure you’ve already added any prim names and descriptions you need to add for your other scripting.
  • A notecard giving me any details you think are important, as well as your 2 decisions (see above!).  If you picked API, give me your API!

Then CHUCK it at my head! When I get it, I’ll send you a friend request and get started on your mesh. Please note that turn around time varies wildly. Some meshes have been done in an hour, others have taken months due to complex APIs.  Generally speaking, the more flexible you are, the less time it will take. Regardless I WILL keep you updated. If you’ve not heard from me in awhile, smack me upside the head! An IM or NC may have been eaten causing you to fall through the cracks!


What to do once you get your Omega Script!

  • Insert the Script and Test it! Now that you have a script, you can see how a variety of appliers fit on your mesh! I may send you some test appliers and textures for UV checking, but it’s also advisable to go out and try a bunch of appliers on your mesh. This can alert you to possible issues BEFORE you release!
  • Open the Welcome Kit!  As soon as we finish the kit you’ll get a Welcome Kit from us with vendors and logos and other goodies. 🙂
    • Don’t forget to slap that Omega logo on your product AD!
    • Hand out the Included Giftcards to your staff and testers so they can try out the mesh before it goes live!
  • Visit our Learning Center page for all sorts of Omega and Mesh Related Info, including valuable bugfix information.  🙂
  • Add me to your subscriber list and social media accounts! It helps me notice when you release! 

What to do when you release!

  • Affiliate Vendors!
    • If you went with Customer Paid, rez the vendor with your kit in it so customers don’t have wait for me to realize you released! (Yall love to release when I’m sleeping or taking a lazy day!)
    • If Omega is your only Applier System, consider rezing out the Dev Kit Vendor!
    • Consider sending me an Affiliate Vendor of your Mesh! This can be done at any time, but if you send me a vendor with at least a 10% Affiliate share I will put it in my shop.
    • If you want to go all-in on Affiliate Vendors (They really are helpful),  consider joining TOFAN to get your affiliate vendor added to our Affiliate Kit and delivered to over 1000 merchants.
  • Send me a copy of the mesh via your Vending System: Once you get your product boxed up and ready to go, send me a copy! This will help me keep the information page for your mesh up to date and helps a great deal when I get frantic “X Brands not working!” IMs.
  • Send my CSR a copy too! Having a copy of your mesh GREATLY helps my CSR do her job as well.
  • Send me product images, advert notecards and any promotional links you have! When you release, I release, help me be quick about it! I need pictures for the blog and inworld link givers! If you post on Facebook, it’s faster and better for you if I share your post instead of creating my own, and if you have an advert notecard you’re sending out to shopping groups/subscribers, it’s a much easier thing for me to include that when I spam my groups then creating my own. (And much better for you)

We did mesh is now Omega Friendly!

-throws confetti- 

Congrats, you’re now part of a growing family of Mesh Makers
enjoying the benefits of being included in the Omega System!


Why else would I want to join the Omega Project?

Ohh let me count the ways:

  1. It’s just plain good customer service.
  2. A universal applier system eases the transition from non-mesh user to mesh user, expanding the pool of customers available to you.
  3. It frees you from worrying about convincing clothing makers to support you.
  4. We’ve noticed Omega users tend to be “collectors” of mesh…  especially mesh thats omega compatible.. our customers may very well be the most promising pool of potential customers you can tap into, and we make sure they know when a new kit, and thus a new mesh is available.

2) Do I have to give up my current applier system?

Absolutely not!

3) What meshes use the Omega System?
-grins- Lots of meshes are already on the Omega System!
Find a full list of supported meshes:
Supported Meshes
4) How can I make my mesh EVEN MORE AWESOME?
Check out our “Best Practices CheckList” for a list of technical fixes, most needed features, standards and ideas for making your mesh SUPER AWESOME.
A work in progress for sure, but we’re working on it.  -chuckles-

5) I would like to try Omega…but I’m not sure I’m ready to talk to you yet….

Not at a stage, you’re ready to talk to us yet? No problem! We have a development kit you can pick up and try out without our pesky questions about releases and layers and blah blah blah blah.

Info About this Kit can be found here: Mesh Maker Dev Kit
If you’ve made a Mesh using the Mesh Head Studio, you can use this instead: Mesh Head Studio

6) I want to get Customer Paid.. but I’d like people to be able to try their skins on my mesh without purchasing the kit…

I really don’t want to make demo scripts for everything! x.x
But After quite a bit of demand, especially from head creators, I will now provide a Skin-Only Demo Script for use with Demos ONLY, for a One-Time Fee of 5k.  If you later decide to convert to pre-installed, I’ll count this as credit toward the Set-Up-Fee.

7) Why should I change my UV for _____? It’s an easy Tweek for skin makers!
Because ultimately 99% of the appliers used on your mesh weren’t created with your specific Mesh in mind. Unless you’re the dominate Mesh on the market, you have very little ability to get Designers to make tweaks just for you. That is why our UV standards exist, so smaller meshes can get good support without being directly supported.

-Chellynne Bailey
Omega Solutions – Home of the Omega System