Full Perm Mesh Policy

Full Perm Mesh Policy
I get periodic requests to create Omega Kits for Full Perm Mesh. Often enough in fact I needed to codify myself a policy in regards to them.

  1. We will not create kits that work in full perm mesh. Ever.

    • This is a big security hole for creators. Being able to placing the script into a transferable object would mean being able to make a transferable item with someone elses designs.
      Because of this, our scripts will self destruct in any object with transfer perms.
  2. We will not create kits for any mesh product that you did not personally make or commission.
    This means, if you find a full perm mesh on the MP…we till not script it for you. You either need to make something yourself, or commission something to be made for you. If you just want it for personal use, pass yourself a copy so it’s no-trans and grab a mesh maker dev kit.

    • Selling full perm meshes is only profitable because creators are able to sell many copys to a bunch of designers and hobbyists. If one of those designers added applier support, it would remove the need for anyone else to ever purchase from the original creator.
    • Stolen Meshes tend to be sold full perm more often then as finished products. We want to be able to have a chat with each creator so we know where this mesh is coming from.
  3. If you make full perm… and sell it as a full perm item, we will not “make a generic kit” for it.
    The only way we will put scripts into it, is if you create a finished no-trans product version that comes with the no-trans scripts.

    • Again, we want some control over where the scripts are going, not to be arbiters of good-taste, but to make it more difficult on copy-botters attempting to use ripped mesh.
  4. If you make a mesh using the Yabusaka Head Studio, we will only support it as Pre-Installed. 
    If you want to pay for pre-installed, I’ll set it up, but I won’t be setting up any Customer Paid Kits.

    • This is just to save my sanity. I really don’t want 100 kits for Yabusaka Heads on my walls or MP.
      (Note, I MIGHT still release a Standard Kit for these heads… I’m still debating the security logistics. No promises)