Info for Boobie Makers

Info for Boobie Makers

 This page  is for Boobie Makers interested in adding Tango and/or Omega compatibility to their mesh Boobies.

Update: We now have this kit here if you want to skip alot of this work!

The UV Maps

The UV Maps:

First and most importantly, you need to use the SL UV Map…sorta.

The map on the left is the SLUV Map, the map on the right is the Map Tango and most other boobies use. In order to be consistently compatible with Tango Appliers, you need to use the UV map on the right.
This means the one on the right needs to work when the Repeats and Offsets look like this

The UV map on the left should work when the Repeats and Offsets look like this:

The Nipple UV Map:

 While we’re talking about UV maps, this is the general UV map you want to use for Nipples:

While not mandatory, a separate nipple prim on top of smooth breast prims will save you a lot of UV map issues with various skins.  Nipples are the 3rd biggest problem area for UV Maps, right behind hands and feet. You can avoid this problem completely by adding a nipple prim instead of doing a bump on the breast.

It should be noted however that breasts have a long history of using ABOUT the same map for nipples but never EXACTLY the same maps. As a result, nipple appliers are an imprecise lot. So I strongly recommend if you have nipple prims, you make sure the customer can tweak the repeats and offsets, either by leaving it modify or adding options to the hud.

The Channels

The Channels

For security reasons, I don’t like publicly sharing anyone’s channels for any reason, but I will happily share the breast channels with anyone who can show me evidence they are actually working on a mesh breast.

Do note, there are 4 channels.  Skin, Bra, Top and Nipple. If you do a 3rd Clothing layer, you will need to either

a) Add Omega Support for Upper Tatt Layer. (see pricing bellow)
b) Build in a router. To see a router at work, check out Sinful Needs Line of Mesh Breasts. Whenever you applier a Bra or Top Applier, it asks where you want it applied.

To get the channels themselves, contact me inworld and be ready to show me evidence that you’re actually working on a mesh breast.

The Data Strings

The Data Strings

There are basically 3 Data Formats you must worry about:

Original Tango/Omega Format:
If the applier has no Materials or Tinting information, or is a Tango Applier, it will be the much shorter:

string layerName:key textureUUID:vector repeats:vector offsets:float rot
for example: 

lolasBra:99597e60-41f9-48d2-d1a3-491731e9aa6c:<.5,.5, 0.0>:<-0.25, 0.25, 0.0>:0.0
Omega Advanced Format

All Omega Advanced Strings are an Extension of the Format originally put out by Tango.
The Messages we send should look like this:

string layerName:key textureUUID:vector repeats:vector offsets:float rot:vector RGB:key normalUUID:key specularUUID:vector shineRBG:integer glossy:integer environment

for example:

lolasBra:99597e60-41f9-48d2-d1a3-491731e9aa6c:<.5,.5, 0.0>:<-0.25, 0.25, 0.0>:0.0:<1.0,1.0, 1.0>:99597e60-41f9-48d2-d1a3-491731e9aa6c:99597e60-41f9-48d2-d1a3-491731e9aa6c:<1.0,1.0, 1.0>:135:42
Lolas Mirage Format
Unknown to us, Tango put out a new extended format with the Tango Mirage. We Realized this too late:

string layerName:key textureUUID:vector repeats:vector offsets:float rot:float alpha:integer showNipple:showBra:integer showTop:vector tint:float unknownValue
for example: 
lolasBra:99597e60-41f9-48d2-d1a3-491731e9aa6c:<0.50000, 0.50000, 0.00000>:<-0.25000, 0.25000, 0.00000>:0.000000:1.000000:0:1:-1:<1.00000, 1.00000, 1.00000>:1.000000

Theoretically that last value is bounce value, but I’ve yet to see it work. We suggest ignoring this value, along with showNipple, showBra and showTop.

Other Tech Stuff

Tech Stuff:

The Alpha Fix
Find out how to Safeguard your boobies from inappropriately formatted skin textures!

Safeguarding Applier Channels
Learn how to keep your channels safe!

Hiring Me

Hiring Me

If this sounds like something you’d like to outsource, we do sell scripting services!
Note: Depending on my schedule, this service may not always be available.

7k for Tango Listeners
8K + 75L Disbursement for Tango  Listeners + Omega Listeners. 
(Omega Listeners only needed if 3rd clothing layer is added)
What is Included:
Full perm listener script for the Tango Channels
copy/trans script for the Omega Channels.
5K credit toward a future body script.

Please note, our pricing is based on the idea that such a script should take ONE HOUR OF WORK.
This includes talking to you, writing the script and testing the script.  I don’t want to raise my prices, so before you even contact me, ensure you’ve done the following:

1) Verify you’re using the right UV Maps. (see above)
2) put the following, or something similar in the descriptions of your layers:
“top”, “bra”, “skin”, “nipple”, “tattoo”
(tattoo only if you’re buying the extra omega listener)

Also note this is not an all-inclusive script, this is just the Appliers. Everything else you need to do yourself, including managing transparency, layers, texture routing (if needed), nipple and piercing toggling, RLV features, all of it. We’re just here to give you the basic script so you can run with it!



1) What’s a Disbursement?
Disbursement means when you sell a unit, I get 75L. It is fairly easy to set up via Caspervend or the MP.

2)Does the script come with a HUD?
No, the script only paints the layers. It is full perm so you can integrate it into your own scripts.

3) Why doesn’t it take off the Nipples?
Because not all tops cover the nipple. (and no, I will not script them to, but you can)

4)  I don’t like Disbursement..can I buy it out?
No. But you can instead get the Master Implant Kit.  Infact, I recommend doing that over getting a script from me. It’s cheaper and you’ll get updates faster when they need doing.

5) Can I have the Tattoo script mod?

6) Can I sell these scripts to other boobie makers?

7) Can I use these scripts in my other mesh projects?
YES! But if you use the tattoo script in them, you still owe me the 35L disbursement.

8) Can I advertise it as Omega/Use the Omega Logo?
The only time you can do that is if I did the scripting and included the Omega Channels for the Tattoo Layer. Otherwise, your implants are not Omega, they are Tango.  Even if they take Omega Appliers, there are features that come with Omega that simply won’t work without our channels and scripting, so they should be advertised as Tango-Friendly, not Omega Friendly. Omega users DO understand they can use  Omega on Tangos.