Info for Mesh Head Makers

FAQ for Mesh Head Makers

Thinking about making a Mesh Head? I’m not a great mesh maker, but I KNOW things.
Want to know what I know?

How are makeup layers made?

The most common method I’ve seen is, in blender, duplicate the mesh head and use the modifier “Shrink Wrap” to make it wrap around the original head. You may need to fiddle with the size of the about-to-be shrink wrapped head first.  Once it’s successfully wrapped, you’ll likely need to tweak your new layer around the ears and anywhere else it clips.

Can’t Omega Just make the layer?
Nope! We just texture the layers that are there!

Can I have multiple makeup layers?

That’s… a loaded question! The alpha-glitch we encounter with bodies appears in heads just as easily, but unlike mesh bodys, there is rarely a texture used on a mesh head that doesn’t look like poo when put in Masking-Mode. Tattoos, Makeup, Hairbases, all generally speaking, require blending mode to look acceptable.  As a result, the Standard Practice has been to create only one makeup layer and cut it up into multiple faces for makeup to be applied. This results in no flickering…but also no overlapping textures…

Some have started experimenting with making multiple layers different faces on the same prim… which may or may not work. I honestly do not have enough information on this technique. I do know it has to do with setting the layer order somewhere in Blender… how that works… well you’ll have to hit the google.

How do I make it SLUV?
Well the easiest way is to start with the SL Mesh Head or Avastar. Contrary to some folks opinion, there is NOTHING wrong or illegal with starting with the SL Mesh Head. You’re using their Assets to create products for their game. This is perfectly allowed as long as you’re making significant improvements. (which if you’re not making improvements…. why are you doing this?)

How do I make a Neck Blender for my head?
Neckblenders are just the row of prims above and bellow the neck line on the SL Body. In avastar, freeze a copy of the head and upper body on the default body and then delete everything but the row of prims above and bellow the neck. Next, you’re going to want to combine the head and body portions to get a single piece. Next scale the whole thing up slightly. Then grab the top and lower edges only, and scale those up a bit more. This will give you the basic piece. If you want to create multiple sizes, then it’s just tweeking to make it fit nicely at the various body fat amounts.

Why do I need the upper portion of the neck blender?
It’s up to you if you include the upper portion, but I found some bodies clip into the head a tiny bit and this helps hide that.

How do I add Omega?

  • For Personal Use. – Pick up the mesh maker kit here:
  • For Custom and/or Low Volume Sales.. (<100 year) – Pick up the mesh maker kit here:
  • For Sale on the Marketplace or Inworld – You’ll need to get a script from me. I suggest reading this page: [Info for Mesh Makers] Before I can make you a kit, I’ll need to know which payment plan (Designer Paid or Customer Paid) and Implementation plan you want. If you’re interested in Designer Paid, hit me up for the current rates sheet.
  • For All Heads using the Yabusaka Mesh Studio and other Type Y and D heads – You and your customers can use this kit: Mesh Studio Kit . Note this kit is limited in scope to heads that are exactly as the Mesh Head Studio creates. Other head arrangements need either the Mesh Maker Dev kit or a Branded Kit made.
  • For this Full Perm Head I bought on the MP..  I’m sorry, but we do not script meshes being sold Full Perm. For Full Details: