Making Omega Friendly Nails

Making Omega Friendly Nails
I get alot of querys from folks wanting to make Omega Friendly Nails. Technically speaking, they’re rather easy to have meshed, and seem like a good way to make money. Before starting in on this project, please remember a few things:
  1. This sort of thing is ALWAYS a collab for me. 35% is my cut and that is with you doing the boxing, HUD design, nail fitting, ect. So sorry folks, no grabbing a Free Omega Kit and running.
  2. I have already created a set of scripts for the nails and HUD. You’ll design the HUD in your own image, but each HUD works almost identically, letting the user texture each nail individually. Examples:
  3. This is TIME consuming, very precise work, and I don’t provide scripts for nails that aren’t quality work. If it doesn’t fit right, I won’t script it. Nor will I sit there and correct the fitting for you. Have it perfect before letting me see it please! -hates telling people their things arn’t good enough, but if I don’t, I get annoyed customers -.-)
  4. In order to protect the profitability of this rather … tedious task, I don’t allow duplicate Shape/Length/MeshHand duplicates. So before you start, you’ll want to make sure what you have planned is something that’s not already being worked on by someone else. 🙂
Still want to do it? Here’s the step by step
The Process: 
  2. Decide what Shape, Lengths and Hands you want to create for.
  3. Check with Chellynne Bailey to make sure no one else has done, or is in the process of doing the particular combination you have planned. If it has been done, or someone else has done it, you’ll have to pick something else, since duplicates are not allowed.
    • If your project is given the green light, and you’re ready to start, Chellynne will reserve that combination for you for up to 8 weeks if you don’t give her any indications of working on the project.
  4. Create or Commission someone to create a Mesh Nail for you to use.
    Note: We do not script meshes created for Full Perm Sale without the original creators consent, 
  5. Fit the First Set to the hands you’ve chosen. (this is the time consuming bit)
    • Important: If you go the Rigged Nail Route… make sure EACH nail is it’s own Prim.
  6. Number the nail prim names 1 – 10 with 1 being the left pinky, and 10 being the right pinky.
  7. Let Chellynne Make you scripts. Send her 1 set of nails, she will send back a script and an example hud.
  8. Insert the script into the of nails. Important: SET IT TO NO-TRANS
  9. Set the Nails to No-Trans.
  10. Duplicate the first set that you’ve numbered for each new size and fit so you don’t have to keep numbering prims and inserting scripts
    • Remember the Demo versions!
  11. Use  the example hud as a guide for making your own HUD.  Don’t leave any buttons off, but feel free to add buttons.. ie… links to your store, social media, ect.
  12. Box up the Nails and HUD.
  13. Set up Caspervend with the nails.
  14. Set a 35% Profit Share on the Product Page
  15. Provide me with a Modify 0% Affiliate Vendor so I can display the Nails in my store.