Mesh Maker Dev Kit

Mesh Maker Dev Kit


This Kit contains tools and information for Mesh Makers in the Development Stages, Custom Mesh Makers wanting to set up their meshes for Omega and for Personal Meshes.

What is Included 

Omega Listener Script – Body & Omega Listener Script – Head:
These scripts are a generic listeners for bodies and heads. They are NOT transferable and are not intended to be distributed. Instead, they are meant to:

  • It is intended to give you a means of getting skins and clothing onto your body so you can check your UV maps to see how they work with various clothing and skins.
  • Let you get Omega into your own Personal-use mesh, or
  • If you’re doing Customs, allow you to get your Mesh Ready for an Omega Script before giving it to your customer.

Custom Head and Custom Body  Script Vendors:
This bit is for Custom Mesh/Low Volume Creators (<100 units a year). Once you’ve set up your mesh, remove the no-trans script, set your mesh to No-Trans and give it to your customer. You can then place these vendors out so that your customer can acquire a copy of the Head or Body script to put into the mesh. The scripts are nearly identical in function, except they will not function at ALL if the mesh is No-Trans.

Credit toward a Built in Script: Should you decide to purchase a drop in script, what you paid for this kit will count as credit toward that script.
Did I mention you can read the online Instructions before you buy?

More Included Tools: 

linkset/face finder Script:  This script simply tells you the face and link you are clicking. Handy when designing scripts for your mesh.
Mesh Analyzer – Visual: This Script will color your mesh based on the Face Number to make it easier to tell what face is which when setting up your mesh for the Omega Listener Script. (for easiest viewing, texture your entire mesh blank with 0% transparency.
Mesh Analyzer – Report: Drop into your mesh and click to get a detailed report of your meshes prims, including names, numbers, descriptions and number of faces. Great for hunting down misnamed prims and other errors.
Testing HUD of Doom: This sucker has every applier we make shoved onto one hud for easy testing!
Horz Line Test: Textures and Appliers of the Horizontal line test! See if your UV is droopy… or have misaligned seams!

More Info for Mesh Makers
General Info for Mesh Makers
Info for Booty Makers
Info for Boobie Makers
Best Practices Checklist (Aka, how to be awesome)


1. Why isn’t this script Trans? How am I supposed to sell my mesh with it?
You’re not. This script is for demonstration and development purposes. If you’re doing customs or low-volume sales, you can get your customers a script by rezing the included vendors for them!

2. Okay then, how do I get a distribution copy?
You have Multiple options, lined out here: Info for Mesh Makers

3. The nails don’t line up!
Omega Appliers use the Slink Nail UV map.

If your nails do not use this UV map, I strongly urge changing them to. If you do not want to, however, there may be things that can be done with repeats and offsets to get them to line up when you’re ready to have the distribution script made.

4.  The Nipples look weird….
The nipples use the Tango UV Map. If you’re not using this UV map for them or something similar, they won’t work:

If you’re not using this, I can only assume you’re using the SLUV map for them, in which case treat them as the rest of your upper skin prims.

5. Can I get a mod copy of this script?
No, that would expose our channels and our applier channels are closely held secrets. You can, however, purchase a Tango Listener Script from me for 5k. We also provide that channel information for free to anyone who can demonstrate they’re creating a mesh that would need them.

More information for Boobie Makers can be found here:
Info for Boobie Makers

6. Ok…it mostly works but I need it modified to do ________a little differently.
Depending on the request, we may be able to accommodate. You will, however, need to get in my box and ask.

7. Why isn’t this kit 99-199L? The rest are!
Because conceivably, someone with some patience could use this kit on any mod mesh they own if they have the patience to set those meshes up correctly.
For a variety of reasons, I’d prefer they pick up the individual kits for their meshes, even if they pay less for them.

8. I’m using the descriptions for something else!
We will have to look at your mesh then and figure out what we can do then.

9. Where do I get this magical thing?!
Right here!
(Also available inworld)