Info for Mesh Booty Makers

Info for Mesh Booty Makers

Unfortunately, there is a long list of Mesh Bodys and Body Parts I still need to do. But there is good news for you Booty Makers! You may not have to wait on the List !

Our Omega Systems Booty Kit is designed to work with a variety of Mesh Booties! 

So how do you take advantage of this fact?

If you’d like your Mesh Booty to work with the Omega Applier System Booty Kit
(and thus not have to wait in line for me to write a script for your particular product…) there are some things your mesh needs to do.

1) It needs a minimum of a skin and two clothing layers.
2) Each layer needs to be its own link. (not a face, a link)
3) Each layer needs to have a name in its description. (May I suggest “skin”, “underwear” and “pants”?)
5) These names cannot conflict with other brands. In other words, don’t do something silly like name your pants layer skin and your underwear layer pants…just..don’t….
6) If you used a typical naming scheme, the script might work right away without me needing to do anything! Either way, send me a NC with the Info bellow so I can add your Custom Mesh booty to my Supported Meshes Page ^.^  (and if need be, add your layer names to the Booty Script)

Things to Note:

All Omega Scripts are designed NOT to work if you have transfer permissions on the item holding them.  Keep this in mind when testing this script in your mesh booty.

If your mesh goes above the waist or has feet and/or toenails, this isn’t going to work, your mesh is going to need it’s own kit!

So Drop us a NC and let us know about your mesh, if it uses the standard UV map and has clothing layers available, we want to support it!


Contact Name:

Brand Name:

Store Location (slurl or MP or both):
Blog/FaceBook/anything else interwebby..:

Reminder: I need what you put in the layers Description, not the layer name:
What you named your skin layer:
What you named your underwear layer:
What you named your pants layer:

Have you tried the script in your Mesh? Does it work?

Even if it already works, it’s important I have this info in case I need to make changes to the kit latter.