TOS for Omega Listener Scripts

TOS for Omega Listener Scripts

In Purchasing and/or Distributing our scripts you agree to the following terms:
This is the basic TOS for all Plug-In and Pre-Installed Scripts.  This TOS also applies to all UUIDs and other Info Passed to your scripts by us.
Breaches in this TOS will result in any scripts being shut down and any Relays being taken off the Market.
It is subject to change without notice.

Also note: We DO have the means to shut down our pre-installed scripts
remotely if we find someone in breach of TOS. 

  1. TOS Compliance: The scripts may not be used in any product that violates Linden Labs TOS or any other applicable TOS.
  2. Underage & Offensive Meshes: Adult Themed Meshes are fully supported except in the case of Ageplay and Certain Extreme Fetishes.
    1. Underage Meshes: Meshes designed for ageplay are strictly forbidden. This means
      1. If your Mesh is underage, it may not have modeled lower genitalia. You can’t control skin makers, but you can skip adding a labia to a pre-teen.
      2. If your mesh is underage, you may not sell add-ons or other items for it in adult activities. Ie, no making Bondage Outfits for your Toddlers or sex toys for your pre-teen.
      3. If your mesh is underage, you may not feature it in ads for other adult products.
      4. If at any time I feel uncomfortable with how you are marketing your underage mesh, I may ask you to remove Omega or alter your marketing.
    2. Extreme Fetishes: There are not many Fetishes we object to, “do your own thing” is our motto. However:
      1. Overtly Racist Marketing of Meshes will not be allowed. By all means, make that big beautiful African mesh. But keep your adverts as classy and unoffensive as possible. Unsure if what you have in mind is allowed? Ask!
      2. Disabled Meshes: Many people get offended at dismembered and otherwise disabled meshes, but people with disabilities deserve to have meshes to represent them. So I have no issues with them. Just keep your marketing non-sexual and non-violent.
  3. IP Infringements: These scripts may not be used to for IP infringement of any sort.
  4. Promotion
    1. Product Naming: Do not name your Omega friendly products “Omega _______” or any other variation of “_____ Omega _____”.
      Omega is our name and should only appear on our products. Thank you.
    2. Logos: I provide a variety of logos to help identify Omega Friendly products for customers. These Logos must only be used in the manor described and intended, and may not be redistributed on their own.
  5. Script Distribution:
    1. Unless otherwise stated, scripts may not be distributed copy/Trans. They must be either copy/no-trans or no-copy/trans.
    2. The scripts may not be distributed or sold alone and may only be distributed in the agreed upon mesh creation(s).
    3. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the scripts may not be distributed in trans mesh.
    4. The scripts may only be distributed by the creator they are created for.
    5. The scripts may only be distributed in the products they are created for.
  6. Proprietary Channels:
    1. The scripts may not be used in any attempt to reverse engineer Omega Channels.
    2. The scripts may not be used in any attempt to reverse engineer any other Meshes Channels.
    3. The scripts may not be used in products that uses reverse engineered Mesh Channels without permission. (Ie, uses Wowmeh, Kitties Lair, Phat Azz, Slink or any other Products Channels without their creator’s permission)
  7. Data Protection:
    1. No outside storage. UUIDs and other data sent by Omega Appliers may not be stored or transmitted to outside servers, inworld or otherwise.
    2. No transferable storage. UUIDs and other data sent by Omega Appliers may not be stored in any trans Objects, nor in anywhere else that is not a no-trans item in the customer’s possession. (Ie, Body and/or HUD)
    3. All UUIDs and other Data provided by Omega scripts must be kept secure. This includes, but is not limited to ;
      1. Not exposing UUIDs to customers
      2. Not displaying applier textures on flat resizable/modifyable prims.
      3. Making sure all Linked_Messaging only occurs in no-mod prims and fails outside of those prims,
      4. Using reasonably hard to detect channels and keeping those channels closely guarded.
      5. Alerting us if the channels we’ve been given have been compromised so we might come up with a solution. (Usually Switching our communications to your mesh to a new channel)
  8. Updates: Occasionally an update may be distributed to add new features or implement fixes.
    1. You are not required to use the updated script and can continue to use the old script if you prefer.
    2. Exception: If the update includes the fix of a security issue or other major bug. In that case, you are not required to use the new script, but you must remove the old.
  9. HUD Modifications:  If any Relays or HUDs are provided, they will not be altered without my express permission. This includes the removal or addition of buttons, features, links, re-skinning or the like.
  10. UV Map Sharing:
    1. You agree to allow us to redistribute any UV Maps/PSDs and other creator tools you make available to the general public or provide us. These items will be used for the sole purpose of creating guides and other materials for creators.
    2. Exception: Materials can be excluded ON REQUEST as long as you do not have them available to the general public. Please make your preference known when handing us materials.
  11. Fee Payments:
    1. In the case of Pre-Installed Option, The flat fee is due immediately upon delivery of the final copy/trans version. All agreed upon disbursements much be made in an orderly fashion in an automated matter. Ie: through caspervends profit sharing feature and/or the Marketplace Disbursement Feature.
    2. All disbursement payments go to xanderpendragon resident.
  12. Payment Plan Changes: Pre-Installed Kits normally must be selected and installed prior to Launch, not after.  If needed, however:
    1.  Plug-in Kits can be upgraded to Pre-Installed after 1 month of release with no penalty as long as the switch is not advertised beforehand.
    2. Switching from No-Kit directly to Pre-Installed will require an additional payment of your prior sales times the distribution Fee.
  13. Guarantee of Creator Privacy: It is our promise that any information provided to us privately will not be shared/leaked/etc without express permission. Any information publicly available is not covered by this.  But this means:
    1. We will not disclose any information about impending updates/changes/features without your express permission until the time of those updates/changes. (So if you’d like us to “leak” something, say so!)
    2. Your Channels, Encryption, and Formatting will not be disclosed without your expressed permission. Nor will it be used without your permission. (Ie, If you give us channels to make a relay, we will not use those channels to make other products)
    3. Information about DMCA issues, conflicts and drama will not be shared/exposed.
    4. We will not share Specific tricks shared with us until they become “Common Features”.
      1. Ie, we won’t share how you did that neat trick with the ____ that no one else is doing yet….
      2. “Common Features” are features and methods that at least 5 creators have figured out and implemented.  Examples include Alpha HUDs, Layer Toggles, Naked Buttons,  and other common features on the market, including, but not limited to:
        1. Using Transparency to hide/show parts of the mesh
        2. Using Scripting to control the Alpha Mode of a layer
        3. Using Shrinkwrap to create clothing layers
        4. Rigging wrists/ankles to standard sizes.


TOS for Nails

In addition to the TOS above, nail meshes (meshes that are JUST nails, nothing else) have the following terms:
  1. Unrigged Nails must be no-mod.
  2. Nails must be to fit a certain mesh (or standard avi) hand and/or feet.
  3. Nails must provide something that none of the existing or planned nails provide. (different length, different pose or different style)
  4. Nails must not be free and must cost a reasonable amount (250L minimum)
  5. Each set must be cleared by Chellynne Bailey. This is to ensure that we don’t have multiples coming out. We advise informing Chellynne Bailey before you start work to ensure someones not already working on that set. She will reserve ONE length/style for you for 3 months only.
  6. Nails must be kept up-to-date. If the mesh hands they are designed to serve are re-shaped, the nails will also need to be reshaped or discontinued.