Pre-Installed Pricing

Pre-Installed Pricing

Note: These are rough guides and they can change at any time for any reason including complexity of build. We reserve the right to not offer certain options or services even if listed.

Revisions Info

Our Fees were last revised 5/2/2016
Update: 6/1/2016 a 5k Deposit was added
If you were shown a Fee Schedule before 5/2/2016 and did not reject it, ie, you were still deciding and/or in development when we last spoke, you may use the old fee schedule if it is more advantageous. (I have it available on PDF if needed)

Update: 9/15/2016:  Free Schedules may change at anytime and are not guaranteed until the Deposit is made.
Lack of progress on an unreleased project for 6 months or more may result in you losing your Deposit and your price guarantee. To avoid this, occasionally hit me with an update. “We’re still working on it!” is all I need to know not to cull you from my Work-in-progress list.

Update 1/20/2017:

  • Replaced Setup Fee Schedule with a Calculator. Please note, the Calculator only gives an estimate, it is not an order form. The price may be adjusted for a variety of reasons, including annoying APIs, weird set ups, etc..
  • Quotes are now good for 2 months (Baring significant changes to the mesh) unless locked in by paying the Scripting Deposit.

Update 11/6/2017: Added Proprietary Applier Option


Our Fees are split into 3 parts, a Deposit, a set-up-Fee and a reoccurring Maintenance/Licensing Fee.

The Deposit and Set-up-Fee is usually paid only once, but the Maintenance/Licensing must be paid each time an item is purchased with our scripts! The Deposit is returned when you release and meet all our conditions!

Scripting Deposit:

There’s a 5k Linden refundable deposit, paid ONCE before I start scripting. It is returned when:

  1. The Mesh has been released and/or updated with the scripts I provide you.
  2. There is no outstanding technical issues, ie, scripts not being added, prims not being named correctly, or anything else that might be keeping the kit from functioning correctly.
  3. Appropriate Product Images have been given to Chellynne for the showroom.
  4. Full Retail Versions have been given to Chellynne and 1 named Minion of my choice, in such a way we can acquire re-deliveries. (In other words… send us the product through your vendor system. That way when people need help with the kit, or need to update the blog info, we’re not flailing around because we don’t have an updated version of the mesh.)

Additionally, paying the Scripting Deposit in advance can be used to lock in a price quote for longer than normal. Normally Price Quotes are good for 2 months. If you’ve received a quote you like, but it might be more then 2 months before you can hand me what I need to script your mesh, paying the Scripting Deposit early will lock in the price I’ve quoted you until you are done. Just give me regular updates so I know you’re alive!

Set Up Fees: 

This is a lump sum paid ONCE on the delivery of the script. It covers my initial labor and a tiny bit of consulting. 

What is Included in your Set-up-Fee:  

  • Includes ALL your meshes of that type. If you have 5 heads, you pay only one Down Payment for them all, (Disclaimer: Unless of course, we have to drastically rework our scripts for a new one..which happens occasionally.)
  • Includes 2 Creator-Triggered Updates. Did you add or change something for your mesh? Added a clothing layer? Changed Layer names? You get 2 major updates like this for free.  This does not include complete script re-dos. (See Add-Ons)
  • Includes all Omega-Triggered updates: If there is a bug, or a change on our end, this will not count against your 2 free updates.


  • Additional Creator Triggered Updates: If you use up your 2 Creator-Triggered updates additional ones are available at 1/3 the cost of the original Down Payment. (adjusted for any discounts/additions you may have since gained/lost)
  • Complete Script Redos: Did you get a new scriptor? did they completely change the API, prim names etc in a way that makes me essentially start from scratch?  These will be 1/2 the original down payment.
  • Proprietary Appliers: If you’d like proprietary appliers for your mesh, I can usually provide you with a tweaked version of our applier script that works just on your items.  Barring unusual setups, this adds 50% to your set up fee and 10L to your Maintenance fees.
    Note, I am prone to adding features to our applier scripts as I deem necessary. If at some point you want an update because we added something awesome, there will be an additional fee. (Not trying to be greedy here, just don’t want to have to update dozens of scripts every time I tweak our dev kit!)
  • Individual Nail Texturing for Hands/Feet: Normally I do not do individual nail texturing because of the excessive extra work involved, but for an extra 7k I can set the script up for it and give you a HUD/Script that can stand alone or be integrated into your own hud.  Note: If we’re doing API implementation you can do this yourself in which case there is no charge. (Since I’m not doing the extra work, YOU are!)
  • Default Spec/Normal Maps:  Greatly improve the appearance of your mesh by adding a default materials setting! Give me your spec/normal maps and desired settings and I’ll make sure they are applied whenever a skin applier without materials is used. Cost: 1,000L


Why do we do this, this way?
The Maintenance/Licensing Fee is is basically our “cut” and pays for the time we spend improving the system, finding ways to promote Omega Meshes and the Customer Service we invariably end up doing for all meshes.   Handing you a finished script is not the end of our work, it’s a continuous process for us.

The Set-up-fee on the other hand, is just to make sure we don’t have to make “quality” judgments beyond a basic verifying of the UV.  It takes the decision of whether or not a mesh is worth our time and puts it in the mesh makers hands. If they’re confident enough in their creation to pay the fee, then they get a script!

Do I need to pay fees for Demos?
Oh Heavens no.. that’d be madness!

Do I pay fees on Meshes I sold before getting Omega Installed?
Normally No. But this assumes that you in good faith are going to put the scripts in the mesh and set up the Dividends ASAP.
Occasionally though.. it can appear that a Mesh Maker is NOT acting in good faith, putting off getting the script into the mesh, sometimes after already alerting the public to the upcoming update, deliberately avoiding paying dividends on early sales. Because of this, there is a 7-day limit. Once I’ve given the script, you have 7 days to get it into the mesh or you’ll be responsible for Dividends from the date I give you the script, rather than from the time you insert it.  Obviously, if you’ve not released the mesh yet, this does not affect you. Nor will it affect you if you decide to cancel the Omega Support before releasing and never advertised Omega Friendliness.

Can I get Pre-Installed JUST for the Demo?
Yes actually. For 5K I will give you a Skin-Only Script for your Mesh for use in your Demo Only. (With No Maintenance Fee of course)

What about Beta Testers/Friend/preview Copies?
As long as the mesh gets released promptly after distribution of Blogger/Friend/Beta Copys, and the number of copies is not excessive, do not worry about the Maintenance fees. I know it’s a standard MO to hand these out a couple weeks before to check for bugs/get the hype train movin
-may start looking at you funny if you’re handing out copies and 6 months latter you’ve still not released-

What if I put this in a Midnight Madness Board/Lucky Chair/ect?
First.. why are you devaluing your work like that? Mesh Bits are HARD to create!
-strongly advises against mesh body parts as freebies-
That being said… as long as the number of items given out doesn’t exceed the number SOLD,  I’ll wave the Maintenance fees on these sorts of freebees. I know you gotta do what you gotta do to get people in the store. If you want to give out more then this… well come talk to me and give me a compelling reason!

What if I sell this at Charity Events like Fantasy Fair?
I’ll wave the Maintenance fee for Charity events if :
a) It’s an established well-known charity like Relay For Life.
b) A particularly script isn’t being EXCLUSIVELY sold at Charity Events. If an item is an “exclusive” for an event, that is fine, as long as there’s other items in your store using the script as well.
c) You’re not selling more Omega Items at Charity events than in your store!

Why are Deposit and Set-Up Fees Separate?

I don’t keep the deposit, I give it back to you after you release. It’s only purpose is to scare away the non-serious so they don’t make me do scripts that never get used.

What happened to the Fee Schedule? What are these Calculator thingys?!
In an effort to make things easier, I replaced that over complicated Fee Schedule with… the same thing in Calculator Form! Hopefully, this will be easier to understand then what was before!

But you already gave me a Quote!

If I gave you a quote, that is good for 2 months from when I gave it. After that, if you have not paid me the 5k Deposit, then you will need a new quote which will use whatever fee schedule I am using at the time. Do note, the deposit is only refundable once you release and..well… -points at the section about the deposit above-