Info for Nail Makers

Info for Nail Makers

Wait…Omega Does Nail Appliers?
YES! Not all meshes have separate nails, but when they do, the Omega Kits support them!

For What Meshes?

As of writing this Wowmeh, Brazilia, Petites, Lena Lush Hands and Feet, Busty Girl, Belleza, Yabusaka Baby, perfect body, HR Nails, EVE and Tiny Hands all have nails that are Omega Friendly and will respond to Omega Nail Appliers. (with the right omega kit of course). And with more Bodys hitting the market all the time (and me bugging those body makers who arn’t using the right UV map all the time…) this list will continue to grow.

What UV Map does it use?
We wanted the simplest UV map possible, so we went with a basic square. Which, luck would happen, Slink uses a UV map very close to this. In fact Slink and Omega Nail Textures are totally compatible.

But some of those Bodys you mentioned use a different UV map…

One of the reasons we picked the UV map we did is because many Meshes, if they don’t use the Slink UV map, will do something easily fixable with repeats and offsets.  Petite for example, is 5 little squares in a row, easily fixed. Lena Lush does 2 x 5 rectangles. Also really easy. Results will vary a bit from mesh to mesh, but most meshes it works rather well.

It’s only really a problem with people do weird things… like using the SLUV map for nails…or…well… I won’t name names by sharing the other weird things I’ve seen. ^.^;

Ok, How do I make an Omega Nail Applier?

First Step, pick up a Dev Kit, either inworld or here:
Inside the Dev Kit you’ll find a Nail Kit. Pull that out.

Now unbox the Nail Kit:

What you do next depends….

Scenario One:  If you already make Slink Nails…and you haven’t got their update that makes them Delete the NC….your task is simple.  Simply Take the Omega Applier – Nails script and drop it into your slink Nails HUD. You’re done, your HUD will now work as a Slink Applier AND an Omega Applier.

Scenario Two: You make Slink Nails, but have the auto NC deletion going on….

Simply take a copy of the HUD you made for your Slink Nails, remove the Slink Scripts, and add the Omega Applier – Nails Script along with the NC you made for your Slink HUD.

You should now have two HUDs, one for Slink, One for Omega.

Scenario Three: You don’t make Slink Nails. Well now I need to explain how to make a Nail HUD, which if you haven’t guessed is the exact same way you make a Slink Nail HUD.


Step One: Set up the NC. In the Kit you’ll find a NC named config. If you open it up, you’ll see it says this:

Example only: Delete these lines and replace with your own:

[prim name],[your UUID HERE]
[prim name],[your UUID HERE]
[prim name],[your UUID HERE]

Replace Each [prim name] with a name for that texture. When you make the HUD itself, you’ll name each button this.
Repleace [your UUID HERE] with your UUID.
(note, do not leave the brackets in)
One you have your config card ready, lets move on.
Step Two: Building the HUD
 You will need 1 Prim (ie a Button) for each texture plus a Root Prim.  Link and Texture these buttons and Root prim how you like. In the Kit you’ll find an Example HUD to give you the general idea.

 Step Three: Name the buttons what you named them in the Note Card. This is how the script connects a button with a texture.

Step Four: Insert the Omega Nail Script and Config NC into the HUD.

Assuming everything went well, it should work now. Give it a go using your Omega Mesh Body!

Final Steps: 

  • Verify the script is set to no-trans and the Notecard is set to no-copy.
    • Note: After testing the Scripts you CAN delete the Notecard and the hud will still work.   Make SURE you:
      • Make a copy first so you still have the notecard if something goes wrong
      • Set the Prims to No-Modify so that customers don’t accidentally reset the scripts and loose the data
      • Test the hud after deleting the Notecard to verify the Data was properly loaded.
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