Mesh Body Glossary

The Mesh Body Glossary

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  • ACI : “Avatar Rendering Complexity is a measure of how difficult it is to draw an avatar; it’s a number that can range from just a few hundred to several hundred thousand. It is affected by your avatar shape and what you’re wearing. Since drawing avatars can be one of the most expensive parts of rendering a Second Life scene, complexities at the upper end of the range can cause severe viewer performance problems. Being aware of your own complexity and that of those around you can be an important part of managing the performance of your viewer and how you affect the performance of others.”.  Different Meshes have different ACIs. For More information about ACI:
  • Alpha Glitch: The evil glitch that makes clothing disappear when you wear more then one layer, or makes your whole body disappear when your skin maker uses a PNG. More about that here: Understanding Alpha Modes
  • Applier: Refers to a scripted HUD sold with clothing and skins designed to put textures onto a mesh body part. Dev Kits enable designers to create and distribute these huds with their clothing.
  • Bump Map (see Materials)
  • Environment(see Materials)
  • Fitted Mesh(see Rigged Mesh)
  • Gloss (see Materials)
  • LNL: Love N Lust Designs – The store that sells Omega. Also the group for the store and the best place to ask questions.
  • Materials:  In SL, Materials alter how light reflects off the texture surface. Not to be confused with Materials in 3D rendering programs which are called faces in SL. Requires Advanced Lighting Model to be used.
    • Spectral Map: A black and white texture used to define what parts of the texture reflect light and to what degree.
    • Gloss: Controls how glossy a texture appears. Used heavily for oils and leathers.
    • Environment: Controls how much of the environment lighting is reflected. Used heavily for metallic items.
    • Shine Setting:  Controls the color of reflected light.
    • Normal Map or Bump Map: The textures create the illusion of an uneven surface, allowing fine (but shallow) details and texture (actual texture, the kind you can feel) to be added to the mesh.
  • Materials Applier: An Omega Applier created by LNL designed to allow designers to add materials information to their creations.
  • Materials Ready: Refers to meshes who’s Omega Kits allow them to use Materials Appliers. Most Omega Friendly meshes fall into this category, however a few that use relays do not. Which ones are Materials Ready is indicated on the Supported Meshes Page.
  • MFA or Mesh Friendly Accessory: Accessories and attachments that work well with mesh bodies and parts.  These items are re-sizable either by being mod or with re-size scripts. The best examples are mod items that can be modified and angled to fit a large variety of mesh bodies, shrunk down to petite size or smaller or stretched up to Colossi size.
  • Modify: Refers to the Modify Permission in SLs Permissions system. A mesh that is modify has this permission, although generally the scripts inside will be no-mod and make it appear otherwise. This is not to be confused with being fitted mesh and thus able to modify the body’s proportions via your avatars shape.
    • No-Modify: This means modify permissions were not given. Scripts cannot be placed in the mesh, textures cannot be manually changed, ect.
  • Multi-Applier HUD: When you link multiple appliers together into a pretty package, like this:

    Created by Graffitiwear! 

  • No-Mod or No-Modify (see Modify)
  • Normal Map (see Materials)
  • Omega Advanced: 2nd Generation of Omega Appliers that added various features, including Materials, Tinting, Linkable Combo Appliers, more secure channels and a move from NC configurations to scripted ones.
  • Omega Friendly: Products that come with Omega appliers (ie clothing and skins) or take Omega Appliers (ie Mesh Bodys). Can also refer to events and groups that support and promote the Omega Applier System.
  • OO: Omega Obsession – The official spam group for all things Omega.
  • Omega System Kit: A kit designed to enable a particular mesh to use Omega Appliers.
  • Partial Textures or Partial Texture Syndrome: Refers to older tango appliers who used the original chest plate UV instead of a full top UV.  More info on this here: Partial Texture Syndrome
  • Rigged Mesh: Rigged mesh fixes itself to the body and cannot be moved or re-sized. It grows and shrinks with some of your body sliders and bends and moves with you as you move.  All mesh bodies, legs, dresses, pants, shirts and many other body and clothing parts are rigged so they move with you.
    • Fitted Mesh: Fitted Mesh is type of Rigged mesh that uses more of your body shape sliders then regular rigged mesh, allowing much more control (although indirect) over the dimensions of the mesh. Most recent mesh bodies are fitted mesh, as well as some clothing and other items.
    • Partial Mesh: Refers to outfits that use a combination of Mesh Bits and System Layers and/or Appliers.
  • Script Monkey: >.> Chellynne’s nickname for herself.
  • Shine (see Materials)
  • SLUV: SLUV refers to the UV Maps uses by the Second Life Avatar and many meshes. (In fact ALL Omega System Meshes)
  • Spectral Map (see Materials)
  • UV Map: The UV map is what decides how a texture is wrapped around a mesh.  Two meshes can look identical, but have different UV maps so when you put a pattern on them, it will show up differently on each.