Info for Skin Makers

Info for Skin Makers

We know that Designers are bogged down by the numerous Mesh Body Parts that your customers would like you to make for your wonderful products. Other then Tango sharing the appliers communication channel, all other appliers are strictly on its own channel.  This causes Designers to have to make multiple appliers, and Customers to have to move note-cards, if their mesh body part is not made.   Both are time consuming and monotonous.  
The Omega System seeks to change all that…or at the very least reduce the burden. A script is put into the various Mesh Body Parts, allowing them to hear the OMEGA Applier.  A one time simple step for each body part, and the customer is ready to use any clothing with omega Appliers.
We have a full list of supported meshes here.
But suffice it to say, if it’s SL UV map and Mod..or cooperative like SKING, Belleza, Maitreya, ect we’re going to cover it.
Additionally, any Implant that uses Tango Appliers is automatically compatible with the Omega System, no kit needed.
How do you set up an Omega Applier?
Easily! Inside the Skin applier you’ll see a Config script. Open it up and you’ll see this:



Simply fill in the UUIDs!
Head_Texture: Your normal SLUV Head Texture
Neck_Texture: Optional Texture used by Meshes with Neck Blenders. Click here for more info.
Breast_Texture: An optional breast texture. Click here for more info
Upper_Texture: Your normal SLUV Upper Body Texture
Lower_Texture: Your normal SLUV Lower Body Texture
Hand_Texture: Your SLUV upper body texture… MINUS nails and nail beds.
Foot_Texture: Your SLUV lower body texture… MINUS nails, nail beds and shading between the toes
Nipple_Texture: Your Tango UV nipple texture. (optional)
Do I need to change my textures?
Hopefully not….or at least, not much.
All our supported meshes use the SL UV Map, however if you’ve been using the cropped Tango applier texture for your appliers, your skins simply aren’t going to work for our users. You need to use the SL UV Maps.
Ya know… these things.

 (Find all these UVs, as well as the PSD for creating the Neckblender here: Google Drive

Do NOT use the Tango Partial Map! It will not work!

And yes, the full map will work on Tangos. Our appliers are scripted to use the appropriate repeats/offsets on implants.

Additionally, different meshes have slightly different mapping, which means nipples and belly buttons and things might need to be nudged in one direction or another… keep reading for how to handle that.

Feet and Hand Textures:

Hands and Feet are a special sort of joy because theres just not enough texture space there. Every.. single.. mesh… has it’s own UV that’s Mostly SLUV.. but not really… because it can’t be! There is however a way to deal with this:

First, Leave Plenty of Blended Space: Some Mesh Hands and feet, like you find on the Wowmeh and Petite bodies, use slightly more of the texture map then the SL Body does, more so then even slink.  If you use excessive logoing on the typically non-visible parts, it can cause weirdness on the hands and feat. To avoid this, simply don’t put logos and other things near the hands and feat, leave nice empty blended space instead.

Second, Remove fingernail/toe details: It’s really… REALLY hard to get the nails and toes lined up exactly with SLUV. Impossible when you start counting all the little variations between skins.  Mesh Makers do their best, but this bit is just impossible. In our appliers you will find slots for hand and feet textures. Put your hand and feet textures there. These textures should have no nails, no nail shading and noshading between the toes!The Kits know to ignore these textures if the mesh has no nails, and to use them if it does.
Lastly Keep seam line details low: You’re not going to have perfect knowledge of where the line between the top of the hand/foot and the bottom will be. This is more-so a problem with feet then hands.
You best option is to cut down on the detail in these areas and avoid changes in tone near these areas.
TL:DR version: The extra hand and feet textures should have no nails, no nail beds, no shading between the toes and NO logos/black out near the hands and feet. Keep the toe details low and the blending areas around hands and feet WIDE.

Nipple Textures

Nipples and Belly buttons are also a source of frustration, moving around from mesh to mesh. This is getting cut down over time as we help new meshes get access to demo skins during their development, but there’s still rampant nipple weirdness and will continue to be so. Occasionally, you will feel the need to create a new upper skin texture for those mesh bodies you want to cater specifically to. That being said, by making ALL your appliers Omega, you will still end up having to make fewer appliers, be able to support more meshes and be less stressed each time a new body comes out.

It’s why we recommend:

The Multi-Option Option:

If the idea of not having a perfect fit offends you, we strongly suggest simply creating multiple options. Ie, instead of having a single omega skin applier, create several!
One for each body you’re attempting to cater too!
How is this different than just creating appliers for those meshes?

Oh let me count the ways!

  •  It’s easier and faster to load up 5 of the same type of applier then 5 different brands of appliers. Set up one, then copy and paste, only having to change the 1 UUID out of 6 you need to replace!
  • You don’t have to learn a new applier each time a new one comes out!
  • Omega Appliers are more secure than normal NC appliers. Config Scripts don’t have to be no-copy to protect your work, the config scripts can be deleted.
  • They just look cooler…duh…
  • For some meshes, we’re the only way to make an applier for them!
  • But most importantly, while you’re creating those extra appliers with specific meshes in mind, there are …loads of other meshes you’re not paying attention to:
    • Niche Meshes
    • Retired Meshes
    • Unpopular meshes
    • Just released meshes
    • Meshes you simply haven’t heard of yet
    • Meshes you’d normally not have time for.

    Those other meshes can STILL use these appliers. In fact, because you made appliers for multiple meshes this way, the meshes you neglected (and there are going to be alot of them) are better able to find a good match for their mesh! If you had instead made those individual appliers, only those individual meshes can utilize your skins!

  • Best of all, not only are you covered for past meshes you’ve neglected, you’re covered for future meshes as well! Your customers can rest easy knowing that when the next FOTM mesh hits the market, they’ll be able to use their favorite skin right away.

For those wearing meshes you’re not directly supporting, It may not be perfect..but it certainly beats the alternative, which is not being able to use your skins at all.

We do ask… as a personal favor to us, that among the options you provide, include one that uses the recommended nipple posistions you see in the UVs above. It encourages Mesh Makers to adhere to our suggestions, which will cut down on work for everyone in the long run.

A Note about Male Skins:  Male Nipples are Weird!
The annoying thing about male skins and mesh is that there is no agreed upon place for the male nipple like there is for women. Women have this nice target on the SLUV map, men do not.  There seems to be two tactics in play for mesh makers:

  • Stretch the UV so the bulls eye is low on the chest, where you expect a male nipple or
  • Much more often, theu pick a spot somewhat lower on the UV then the female nipple.

Our recommendation? Until the Male Mesh Market Settles a bit.. two or more Omega Appliers. One with the Nipple location we have marked above and one with the nipple tuned to your favorite Male Mesh.  Just make sure you provide demos for both.

Optional Breast Textures: The Security Feature (link here)

While most of our out appliers use our super secure alternating channels, our upper body textures still use the not-so-secure Lolas Tango channels. They do this so that Boobie Owners and Creators are covered and rewarded for their selfless “Lets all get along!” attitude that we at Omega rather admired. during the great Mesh Breast Era.

(Also.. we have ZERO desire to make kits for dem boobies… it’s ok… we’re good….)

But some skin makers have expressed concern about sending Full textures over the Lolas channels, a concern we understand.  At least with Tangos, the texture could be partial, and thus useless without the full skin.  As a compromise we’ve added the ability to include a Partial Texture just for boobies. This partial texture goes over the Lolas channel as usual, and signals the applier to use our secure channel for the full upper texture instead.  If no breast texture is used, then the upper texture is sent over the lolas channel so boobies can feel the loves!

Technical Note: The breast texture is always send with <1,1,0> repeats and <0,0,0> offsets! Also, because of the way the appliers work, you WILL briefly see the partial applying to your body… and then replaced with the proper full texture!

How will they know if it matches?
Because… you’re going to provide a demo of course! For hands and feet at the very least!
Whats the Hand/Feet Textures for?
Some meshes have nails and separated toes, others have no nails and un-separated toes. Textures for meshes with nails and separated toes go into the the hand/feet section.
Can I make an applier that is just 1 texture? Or leave out the nipples?
Yes! The appliers will ignore values set to the default “00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000”.
You will of course need to provide all the textures somehow, but some creators with multiple options for abs, brows, makeup, etc find it easier to productive those in separate appliers.
(And we recommend this, if you have tons of makeup options, applying 1 texture is much faster then applying 6, and makes flipping through options faster for the customer.)
Do note however, hands and feet do still get painted whenever a upper or lower texture get used without a hand/feet texture.