Headless Skin Appliers

Headless Skin Appliers 
One of the truly frustrating things about skin shopping is finding a skin you like that also has appliers you need. Omega helps with that a great deal, but if you’re using one of the many meshes that require a head texture, you have the added fun of running into Omega Applier providers who do not provide head textures. Tinys, Giants, Fusion, Mesh Heads, Lips, Ears ect all require them to function, yet not all of them provide this texture.

Why does this happen?
Well I jump up and down and beat my chest telling skin makers they have to include the head textures. There is even a reminder in the Skin applier itself now:

But it wasn’t originally this clear. When we first released, our appliers didn’t have this reminder inside. Worse, instead of a single Skin applier, where they can clearly see there is a slot for a head texture:

We had separate appliers for Head, Upper Body, Legs, Hands, Feet and Nipples, all using NCs.

The result was…if you didn’t know to look for a head applier, you may never realize there was one to use! Many skin makers are still using these older appliers, which function perfectly well..but aren’t as intuitive as the new appliers which lay out everything you need in one script.

Another reason this happens, is more of a logistical one that has more to do with business models then the appliers themselves.  Most of the big names in skins have adopted a model where they have X number of base tones…. usually somewhere between 5  and 15….and then create face after face after face.. each with 20 odd makeup options. So a skin maker adding Omega may only have to do a dozen appliers if they only add head and body….but hundreds of them if they add in heads!

Even once they decide they want to do the head appliers, it’s going to take them a long time to get them all done and may put out the headless appliers in the meantime.

Lastly, it’s just a matter of …packaging.  Many of these stores sell their appliers separate in a box off by itself.   Skins are over here, all the appliers over there.  This does not work when you’re providing a full body applier with heads. Any Petite or full-mesh avi can come in and buy the appliers and skip the skin. As a result, Skin makers have to re-think their packaging strategy, which can be daunting.

So what do you do if you get a headless applier?
 Well first…don’t lose your head…..-giggles-.   Skin makers arn’t trying to rip you off, chances are good, they’re either not aware of the problem or have and haven’t figured out how they want to fix it.
You want to send them a polite and specific NC requesting a head applier for your skin(s).  We suggest something that looks like this:


My name is <insert name here>. I recently purchased your skin <insert skin name, tone and makeup version  here>  and realized the Omega Applier doesn’t have a head texture, which I need for my <insert mesh part/body here>.  Is there any way I can get an applier with the head texture?

<insert your name here>

P.S. Here is the transaction information!

<insert Transaction information>

Most will happily get you your replacement as long as you’re polite, concise and specific about what you need. This means including the exact tone and makeup name.  Look around their shop and make sure you’re including all the information they may need to zero in on the one texture in their inventory that you need.  Communication with the customer is the number one most time consuming part of filling a request. Applier creation is quick and easy…interpreting a vague request however uses alot of valuable time. As a result, you’re much more likely to get a new applier thrown at your head in a reasonable amount of time if you provide enough information that they don’t need to contact you to know what you need and verify that you actually bought that product. (hence the transaction information, so they know exactly what tone/makeup to send you!)

Also note…if an omega applier says headless…or no-head, that means it doesn’t have a head texture and assuming the ad mentions this fact…they’re not required to provide you with one. They may do so if asked nicely…and really should because it’s good for business, but you’re only owed what is promised in the advertisement, so read it carefully!

What if you’re the one selling Headless Appliers?
Well…expect requests for head appliers.  -chuckles-

Obviously… you need to add head appliers. They’re needed and expected, but it’s not always something you can fix quickly when you have alot of options. So the FIRST thing you should do is make sure your listings and vendors are clear about the fact your Omega Appliers are headless, and whether or not you’ll honor requests for individual head appliers.

(Make sure to honor requests from purchases prior to you labeling your skins headless! Don’t be a trap!)

Once you’ve done that, you need to decide how you’re going to go about adding the head appliers. and that is going to depend heavily on your business model. For most common models though..you’re going to need to include the head appliers with the skins themselves. Even if you have the primary Omega appliers separate, the head appliers should go in with skins to make sure customers have to purchase the main skin package instead of just the appliers.

If you have an over-abundance of skin and makeup options (and many of you do), you may want to consider starting with a 1-2 of your most popular options for each skin  tone and expand from there. This’ll at least let everyone with Lips, Ears, Neck bits, ect use your skins while you individually add appliers for each make up you have available.

Another option is to include a head texture in your “sold-separately” Omega Appliers that doesn’t have a nose or eyes. Take away the details around the nose and eyes and the applier can be used for lips, ears, necks, ect, while ensuring they can’t just skip over your skin package and get the appliers. (If you do this, make sure to label the appliers “faceless”)

But my personal recommendation…for the best…least maddening method of handling it? Label Everything headless, and put up a sign “head appliers on request” and add head-only appliers to the skins you get requests for and the ones you get the most sales for..and of course in new skin releases. Heads are starting to pick up, you’ll need to add them eventually… you can either break your spirit doing it all at once or do it a little at a time as requests roll in….Whatever you do, just make sure you’re clear with your customers about what is included.

Love, Hugs and Happy Skinning,
-Chellynne Bailey