Tenants of the Omega System

Tenants of the Omega System
“Don’t Be Evil” – Google
  1. Always be honest about what the System can and cannot do.
  2. Try to keep things simple.
  3. Explain and document things as best you can.
  4. Never discriminate between one mesh and other. If it’s compatible and fulfills the requirements, it gets a kit!
  5. Value Creators hard work by NEVER sharing the Omega Channels
  6. Never share the channels of other mesh makers without permission.
  7. Never use channels without permission of the Mesh Maker who is using them, and only use those channels in ways that creator approves.
    • Note, this does not include channels that are “Public Knowledge”, ie channels left deliberately visible in dev kits and other materials, and channels used by many creators for compatibility with a single applier ie, Such as those channels used by Implant Creators who are “Tango Friendly”.
  8. While Appliers may be improved, never break the usability of old ones.
  9. Old Appliers should always work on new kits.
  10. Free Updates… ALWAYS!
  11. Encourage mesh makers to make their creations mod.
  12. Encourage mesh makers to strive for better compatibility.
  13. When possible, find new ways to make the creator and the consumers life easier!
  14. Practice Transparency: When possible Keep people appraised of our progress and what we have planned.
  15. Protect Mesh Maker Privacy. Do not leak information without permission. Do not announce new kits are coming until they do. (or until they give permission)
  16. Be a Boon, not a nuance to mesh makers and designers.
  17. Try to remind Mesh users that Mesh is a work of art…it cannot be rushed, not all pieces are for everyone, and the artists behind them should be treated with utmost respect, even if you do not care for their art, or it’s features.
  18. For Pony!