Trouble Shooting Guide

Tech Questions/Problem Shooting
The best way to solve a problem is to understand it!

99% of all problems fall into one of two categories:
If you’re not sure which your problem is…..follow these steps….
Part One: Checking for a Body/Kit Issue.
Go buy this free debug kit: .  Inside you will see a free skin, a pair of pants and a bikini under the group gifts. Open them all up. Try each one. If they all work, you do not have a body or kit issue. If they do not work, you’re likely having a body/kit issue.

(Try it a couple times to make sure!)

Part Two: Checking for an Applier Issue.
Go here: You will see a set of Mannequins. Use your applier. If it works, the problem is not your applier. If it does not, you likely have an applier related issue. (Try it a couple times to make sure!)


Note that it is possible to be having both a Body and Applier Issue! You will need to solve these problems one at a time though!

I’m actually trying to MAKE appliers and am having issues….
The problem solving process is the same, but make sure you’ve read the instructions carefully..

Type A Problems: Body/Kit Problems
  • First, realize that the kits are NOT all the same. Each mesh has it’s own challenges, and while the majority of the kits work the same way, there are MANY exceptions. So, even if you’ve installed a kit before, you need to read the instructions.
I can’t get the Script into the body:
  • Make sure you rez the body on the ground first.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the body, some meshes like EVE and Lena Hands used to be no-mod and changed to be able to use Omega.
  • Make sure the body in question is infact Modify. Meshes, including, but not limited to: Jiggle Booty, Sking, Egoisme, Belleza and Perfect body are no-modify and the Kits for these bodys work differently and do not require script insertion. Make sure you reread your instructions to find out how they work.
The Installer isn’t doing anything…
  • Ensure you’re using it on land that allows scripts. Unsure? Try visiting our little sandbox:
  • Ensure you’re ACTUALLY wearing the body…SL has this bad habit of making you wear things you’re not. a quick relog can clear this up.
  • Watch chat for a thank you message, that is your que that it worked!
    • If your Mesh Comes in multiple parts (Ie, you have Slink Hands, Feet + Body), Make sure to pay attention to make sure they ALL are saying thank you!
Where is the Script for Perfect, HR Nails, Tango….
  • These meshes do not require kits. They are sold ready to use Omega Appliers.
The top works, but the bottom doesn’t…
  • Tango appliers work automatically, phat azz appliers however need to be converted into an Omega Applier first.
  • You may also have an out of date kit for your mesh, make sure you have the latest  kit. There are redelivery terminals inworld.
Still having issues? Check out the Instructions Page for your mesh to see if there’s any notes regarding your particular problem. 

Type B Problems: Applier Problems

Most problems with appliers can be fixed by following these steps:
  • Ensure you are using the most up-to-date version of your mesh. Even if you think you are…. go hit a redelivery terminal!
  • Ensure your kit is up-to-date.  We do not spam you with updates unless it is something critical, but now that Advanced appliers are out, those once non-critical updates are now very necessary, so make sure you’re using the latest version. There are re-delivery terminals on every floor. Taxi:
  • Ensure you have your layers turned on. Each mesh comes with it’s own HUD that controls it’s layers. Make sure you have all your layers toggled ON. If you appear naked, you probably have them turned off. (although there are exceptions to this)
That will solve 90% of problems. If you’re still having issues…

Additional Common Problems:
My Body is black or has black edges around my clothing!

This actually has nothing to do with Omega, this happens with some vid cards. The simple solution is to set the layer transparency to 2%. Any Layer Swap Scripts I put out has this option, it can also be mamually set with mod meshes.Another problem is that some mesh makers have started using Alpha Masking instead of Alpha Blending in an attempt to avoid the alpha glitch. The problem is, this creates nasty black edging. I’ve writen a tutorial for changing your body back to alpha blending. Setting Alpha Blending