Materials Update!

Materials Update!


It’s been a long time coming, but Materials Support is here!
What is Materials?
Materials is a recent addition to second life that allows mesh to take advantage of the lighting in an environment to create effects like you see above, creating shine on objects that moves and reacts to the light around it. It is particularly useful in photography.


Info for Consumers
For most of you, materials support won’t require you do anything. We’ve been doing updates for months and chances are good, the kit you are using already has materials support.The best way to test this is to pick up one of the freebees we have placed in the store and test the results.


Some things to remember with Materials
  • You need a Materials Enabled Viewer
  • Advanced Lighting Model needs to be enabled
  • Materials will not work on meshes relying on relays.
  • The effects of materials vary WILDLY based on environment and lighting.
  • You will look different with every windlight setting.
  • You may need to update your Omega Scripts, Redelivery Terminals are on the 2nd and 3rd floors.
  • If you have Belleza, make sure it is version .02 or latter.
Info for Skin Makers and Designers
While Materials is a big part of this update, it’s not the only part. Between the Materials Appliers and the Non-Materials appliers we released several weeks ago, you now have:
  • Tinting options
  • Materials
  • The Appliers use a more secure config script instead of a Notecard.
  • A new more secure channel to protect your creations.
  • Most importantly… you can keep using the old appliers. We’re not removing any listeners, they will still work. They will not be as nifty or cool as the new appliers…but you don’t have to switch if you don’t want to.


Info For Mesh Makers
For Meshes with drop-in or built in scripts, there’s nothing you need to do.
But for boobies and those meshes that rely on Relays for their Omega Compatibility, you have some choices to make!
For Boobies Makers
You will need to update your scripts to be able to interpret date strings that look like this:
string layerName:key textureUUID:vector repeats:vector offsets:float rot:vector RGB:key normalUUID:key specularUUID:vector shineRBG:integer glossy:integer environment
Here’s what it  looks like with actual variables.
lolasBra:99597e60-41f9-48d2-d1a3-491731e9aa6c:<.5,.5, 0.0>:<-0.25, 0.25, 0.0>:0.0:<1.0,1.0, 1.0>:99597e60-41f9-48d2-d1a3-491731e9aa6c:99597e60-41f9-48d2-d1a3-491731e9aa6c:<1.0,1.0, 1.0>:135:42
If you decide to upgrade your mesh to support materials, I invite you to use this same format, especially you mesh makers using the lolas tangos channels. We can save everyone a large deal of headache, and keep our current level of NC swap-ability if we can get everyone on the same page quickly on this! ^.^
Also if you decide to add Materials to your mesh breasts, we invite you to use this logo if you like:
(if you don’t intent to upgrade, just make sure you’re  indexing from the beginning of the string and not the end of the string when using tango appliers, and you’ll be fine!)
Bear in mind this conflicts with the Mirage/Delique appliers. (which we sadly learned about after writing the scripts and sending out the information to all the various mesh makers)
Luckily, it’s fairly easy to check if the data string is a Mirage/Delique applier or a Omega Applier.
myList = llParseString2List( message, [“:”] , [] );
if (llList2String( myList, 5) != “” && llSubStringIndex(llList2String( myList, 5), “<“) != -1)
{ <-do stuff->  }
Other Mesh Makers
If you have a pre-installed Kit like Perfect Body, or are any of the Mod-Meshes we have kits for, you have NOTHING you have to do for this update.
If you’re a No-Mod Mesh currently using a Relay HUD for your omega compatability however, all Omega appliers will still work, including the new materials appliers, they just won’t apply the materials components unless you do something.
If a No-Mod Mesh Maker, and you want to be able to use Omega Materials appliers to the fullest, you have a couple options.

Go Modify:  . The quickest and simplest option for you is to make the mesh mod so I may create a script that will be dropped in by the customer. This costs the customer 99L and you nothing. (although the kits are free with group invite).  With this option you do very little if any work and the customer gets all Omega Benefits. The quickest way to have this done is simply to throw a copy of your mesh at my head. (yes, it must be at my head! -nods-)

Cost For you: Null  Cost For Customer: 99L/50L w/Group
Build materials into your own appliers
: If you dislike being Mod, you can instead redo your appliers to support materials and tinting and then hand over your channel information (and any encryption info) and a copy of the mesh to test on. I can then update your relay with this new information.Cost For you: Null  Cost For Customer: 99L/1L w/Group

Pre-Installed Kit: Get the Kit pre-installed. If you wish, I can make a kit as normal, but give you a copy/trans copy to be distributed with the mesh. This option is NOT free for you. You will need to contact me in-world for pricing. It is however free for your customers, and they’ll receive all the benefits that come with Omega.
Cost For you: Contact for Pricing  Cost For Customer: null

Plug-In Kit: Very similar to the Pre-Installed Kit, I create a listener custom for your  mesh and give you a copy/trans version  to be distributed with your mesh. Unlike the Pre-Installed Kit, your customers need to purchase an Activator HUD for 99L, but it costs you nothing and supports materials like a Pre-Installed or Drop in Kit would.
Cost For you: Null  Cost For Customer: 99L/50L w/Group