Mesh Body and Bits Reviews

Mesh Body and Bits Reviews

We here at Omega have a stance that all Meshes are beautiful in their own way.  The best mesh is the mesh that fits your vision for yourself.  There are no ugly meshes.  That, while an utterly necessary stance, both for being able to work with mesh makers and for fostering a friendly supportive community,  is not horribly useful for those trying to decide on a mesh.

Because of this Omega is always looking for well-written reviews of ALL our Supported Meshes. We list them on each mesh page under “See what other’s are saying”.  If you write Mesh Body Reviews, whether as a one-time thing or as a series (Ala Mesh Body Addicts), we’d be happy to do a direct link exchange between your review and our body listings.

Do note, there are a few requirements for this:

  • Above all, it must be well written and factually accurate.
  • It needs to have more than just your opinion. It needs to have useful details. It doesn’t need to have every detail ever…but one should feel more informed about a product after reading it.  (See Mesh Body Addicts and Strawberry Singh for REALLY good examples)
  • It should mention Omega and link to the Mesh Info Page for that Mesh. (This is where the ‘exchange’ bit comes in)
  • It can’t be a Bash Piece. Critism is ok, Bashing is not.  “Cons” are fine but should be factual, not “bashy” and be balanced with pros. We can’t post reviews that are nothing but negative remarks or that are just mean spirited.
  • It can’t be a puff piece. The opposite is true as well… a long glowing review with not so much as an “I do wish they had _______” raises red flags with me.
  • And obviously. No TOS breaking content, or content that encourages breaking TOS.

Well.. I think that’s enough CMA (Covering my Ass)… If you are still interested, toss a Notecard at Chellynne Bailey with the link to your review. 🙂