Mesh Maker Kit Info/Instructions

Mesh Maker Kit Info/Instructions

This Kit is designed for Custom Mesh Makers and those starting to dabble in selling Mesh Bodies and Heads.
It has a Variety of Tools to help in your Mesh Making Endeavors. 🙂 
(None actually help with the Mesh Making bit, but help in a Variety of other ways!)

Mesh Maker Dev Kit TOS (READ ME)

First, the Read the TOS: This kit is bound by our Standard TOS and the following:

  1. This Kit may not be used to market meshes not created by YOU.
  2. Attempting to do so will result in being banned from the system. (Yes, I can do that)
  3. Marketed Meshes MUST be SLUV and be Mapped Reasonably well.
  4. I am not responsible for verifying UV mapping, claim verification, ect.
  5. This Kit is for Pre-Release Development Purposes and Small (<100 Unit/year) Volume Mesh Sales.
    If you find yourself exceeding this, you will need to come get a branded kit made.
  6. If you end up getting a Pre-Installed Kit made, any Lindens Spent on this Kit will be counted as credit toward your Set-Up Fee.


In this Kit, you’ll Find the Following:

  • The Horizontal Line Test: Used to check your seems!
    • [LNL] Horizontal Line Test  (Applier)
    • Horz Line Test Lower (Full Perm Texture)
    • Horz Line Text Upper (Full Perm Texture)
  • Analyzer Scripts: These are informational Scripts, spitting out info that will help you set up your mesh.
    • [OS] Mesh Analyzer  – Linkset/Face  Finder: This will give you the Name, Description and Number of the prim you touch, along with the face number.
    • [OS] Mesh Analyzer – Report : This will spit out a list of prims, their names, descriptions and number of faces.
    • [OS] Mesh Analyzer – Visual : This will tint your entire mesh based on face number.
  • Omega Listeners – For the Sake of my sanity, the listeners have been split into Body and Head. The Body Listener will work for Head Skin and up to 2 Makeup Zones, Type A Heads with 3 or more Makeup zones will need to use the Head Script, however. (This does mean you’ll need to make the head and body separate attachments)
    • Omega System Listener – Body
    • Omega System Listener – Head
  • Dev Kit Delivery (Wear Me): It gives you the designer Dev Kit. Cause yay, appliers?
  • Testing HUDs of Doom: Rather then make you create or track down every single applier type,  just to test your mesh, I’ve created Testing huds that have ALL the applier types on them. They come pre-loaded with textures, ready for testing, but you can also insert your own if needed.
    • Testing HUD of Doom – Body Version
    • Testing HUD of Doom – Makeup Version
  • Underage Avi Booter: Cause Griefers are annoying
  • Windlight Tester: I use this to easily swap Windlights. (I’m a CalWL girl most of the time, but it’s hard to see if something is taking your materials appliers on that setting!)
  • Affiliate Vendors: These sell the Head and Body Scripts for 199L and is currently the ONLY way they are available by themselves. So make sure you make these available to your customers. 🙂
    • Omega System Affiliate Vendor – Custom Mesh Head
    • Omega System Affiliate Vendor – Custom Mesh Body
  • Omega Advanced – Custom Mesh Kit Logo: A Logo to put on your Mesh Products. 🙂

Omega System Listener Scripts: (link here)

The primary scripts of the kit, they let you use Omega and Tango appliers on your mesh.
Normally our kits use whatever names and descriptions the mesh maker has decided to use to make our scripts work, however, because this is a generic kit, you’re going to have to add the text we tell your prim descriptions to get it to work.
Important: skin textures will always turn blue instead of the applied texture when the mesh is still full perm. You will want to make yourself a no-trans copy of the mesh once you’ve named everything to test skins properly.


These are your keywords (in bold) and what they are for (in italics)

Body Script Keywords

  • headthe skin layer of the head and neck. This is what you want to use if you have a full head or a neck stump that rises above the neckline.
  • neck – used for Maitreya/Belleza/Omega Style Neckblenders
  • body – the upper body skin layer.
  • legs – the lower body skin layer
  • hands – the skin on the hands. faces and prims using this keyword will listen to both upper skin appliers and hand appliers. Only use if your hands have prim nails, otherwise use the body keyword.
  • feet – the skin on the feet. Faces and Prims using this keyword will listen to both lower skin appliers and feet appliers. Only use if your feet have separate toes, otherwise use the legs keyword.
  • nipple – nipples using the tango nipple UV map. If your nipples use the Upper body map, use the body keyword instead.
  • pants – your outermost clothing layer on the lower body.
  • undies – your second outermost clothing layer on the lower body.
  • lowerTatt – your third outermost clothing layer on the lower body. Only use if you have 3 clothing layers, otherwise use the pants and undies keywords instead.
  • skirt – use this on skirt prims, it will take both pant and skirt textures.
  • top – your outermost clothing layer on the upper body and hands.
  • bra – your second outermost clothing layer on the upper body and hands.
  • upperTatt – your third outermost clothing layer on the upper body. Only use if you have 3 clothing layers, otherwise use the top and bra keywords instead.
  • makeup – the outermost clothing layer on the head and neck. If you only have one, use this one.
  • facetatt – the second clothing layer on the head and neck. Only use if you have two clothing layers for the head or neck
  • eyes – your um eyes….
  • nails – for prim fingernails that use the Slink UV map.

Head Script Key Words

  • head – the skin layer of the head and neck. This is what you want to use if you have a full head or a neck stump that rises above the neckline.
  • neck – used for Maitreya/Belleza Style Neckblenders
  • eyes – your um eyes….
  • face:HB hairbase
  • face:FH forehead
  • face:EB eyebrows
  • face:ES eyeshadow
  • face:CK cheeks
  • face:LS lipstick
  • face:BD beard/chin

Yes, “face:” is part of the keyword!

Customizing makeup keywords:

With makeup, I wanted you to be able to assign more then one keyword to a section. If you have a section that covers your entire forehead, eyebrows and eyeshadow, you need it to react to all 3 of those! So while you can use the above keywords as listed, you can also combine them like this:

  • face:HD:FH:EB – for example would take hairbases, forehead and eyebrow appliers
  • face:LS:BD – would apply Lipstick and Beard Appliers
  • face:EB:ES:FH:CK  – would take Eyebrow,Eyeshadow,Forehead and Cheek Appliers!

Note: this only works with keywords that start with “face:”

Using Keywords

To use these keywords, you’re going to edit the Descriptions of each prim of your mesh and do one of two things:

  1.  If the prim is all one texture, ie every face on that prim needs a head texture, simply put the appropriate keyword in that description exactly.
  2. If you need to make the prims different faces take different textures, you’re going to put the keywords for each face of that prim in the description separated by commas (no spaces!)

Example: Sue has made her first mesh, the skin layer is all one prim, with the head being face 0, the upper body being face 1 and the lower  body being face 2.  She would put the following into the prim description:


This works well enough, but she then decides she wants to add more faces. Now, faces 0,1,2 are the Upper Body, 3,4,5 are the lower Body and 6 and 7  is the head. She would need to change the description to this:


These two methods can be mixed and matched as needed with some prims only needing the single keyword, and others needing the string of keywords.


Once you’ve set your descriptions, simply drop in the script and your mesh should be ready to take Omega and Tango Appliers.

Note about Head Textures and Mesh Permissions: As an added layer of protection for skin makers, all head textures are replaced with a default blue head skin when the mesh is still transferable.  To use head appliers properly, use a no-trans copy of the mesh. 

Pro-Hint: Send a Prim to your alt and have them give it back no-trans.  You can then attach this prim to anything you have full perm and it’ll be no-transfer. (it avoids constantly having to do the same with the mesh itself)

Horizontal Line Test:

This isn’t actually a script, but an applier and set of two textures. These textures when put on a SLUV body are perfectly straight horizontal lines.  They can be used inworld or in your rendering programs to help tweek your UV maps and make sure your seams all line up and there are no major distortions. The straighter and more horizontal the lines appear on the body, the better job you’ve done.

In fact, At some point we plan on adding images of the bodys with this line test to the product pages.

Analyzer Scripts: (link here)

Mesh Analyzer – Linkset/Face Finder:

Also designed to help with set up, this simple script will tell you what link and face you are clicking on. Simply drop it in and click your mesh.

Mesh Analyzer – Report:

Drop into your mesh and click to get a detailed report of your meshes prims, including names, numbers, descriptions and number of faces. Great for hunting down misnamed prims and other errors.

Mesh Analyzer – Visual:

This script is designed to show you the faces of your mesh to make the set up process for the Omega Listener Easier. Simply drop it into your mesh and click on your body. You’ll see every prim of your mesh suddenly tinted in 8 different colors, each representing a face number

Red = 0

Orange = 1

Yellow = 2

Green = 3

Aqua = 4

Blue = 5

Purple = 6

Black = 7

For best results, make sure your mesh is “blanked out” with every texture on the mesh set to blank,

and all transparency set to 0%

Underage Avi Booter:  (link here)

My little addition to the war on griefers. This will set a minimum age for an area and boot anyone younger then that.  Just rez it and edit the Notecard inside to change the settings. 

It’ll even let you add managers who can turn it on or off as needed. Handy if you want to leave it on when staff is on hand and turn if off when everyone goes to bed!

Windlight Tester: (link here)

Just a little do-dad I made for myself to swap between windlights. It does require RLV to be active. If you do not like my selections, you can edit the prim names to change them. (get the names EXACT). The HUD is also mod, so feel free to add/delete as many buttons as you like. 🙂

Affiliate Vendors: (link here)

These Vendors sell the Listener Scripts, by themselves for 199L.

The scripts work identically with the ones in this package, with only a couple differences:

  • They will shut down completely in transferable mesh, so make sure you give them the mesh no-trans!
  • The Instructions go to a much simpler instructions page.
  • The Kit only has the Script, none of the other tools and instructions for setting up a mesh.
    (set up is your job!)

Once you’ve set up your mesh using the Listener Scripts in this Kit, make the appropriate Affiliate Vendor available to your Customer/Beta Tester/ect and they’ll be able to get the script they need for the mesh you just set up.


  1. Do I have to sell 100 meshes before I can upgrade to a branded kit? 
    Absolutely not. If you’re serious about Hitting the Mass Market Running, you can get a Branded Kit Done even before releasing. (In fact there’s a discount on Pre-Installed Kits for doing this.) . This kit is for creators still in development, custom mesh makers and those meerly dabbling in selling body parts. Cause lets face it, I’m a weirdo, who wants to talk to me if they don’t have to?
  2. Can you modify the kit to……
    I won’t modify the kit, but when you upgrade to a Branded Kit, I can do whatever modifications you need, including going through an API, tweeking nail textures to fit better, ect.
  3. My nails arn’t square..
    Unless we do a branded kit for you, we can’t account for variences like this. You’ll need to make them square.
  4. My Mesh isn’t Modify
    We can only support Modify Meshes with a Kit like this. If you’re interested in makeing a no-mod mesh Omega, you’ll need to have a Branded Kit made.
  5. WTH is a Branded Kit?
    Branded Kits are the Brand Specific Kits you see in our store for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, ect.
  6. Do I HAVE to upgrade to Branded?
    If you sell 100 or more Omega Meshes in a year, then yes.  Don’t fret tho!
    Branded Kits means much more exposure for your meshes, faster scripts and an easier experience for your customers. 🙂
  7. Where is the Trans Script?
    There isn’t one. Use the included Vendors to allow your custom mesh customers acquire a script for their mesh once you’ve set it  up for them. 🙂
  8. Where do the Keywords go?
    Into the Description of each prim.
  9. Do I need to separate my mesh into different prims or can I use faces?
    This script can handle any combination of faces and prims. You set it up however you like. Do be aware that SL has a 8 face limit that we have no control over. 🙂
  10. How do I do makeup/clothing layers? That’s a Script thing right?
    Clothing layers are created in blender, not with scripting. “Shrink Wrap” is a common technique for doing this.