Omega Flickr Groups: Rules

Omega Flickr Groups: Rules

Update 6/4/2017: Added NSFW Group & Clarified rules

General Rules

  • All Posts must be Advertising Omega Friendly Items. This includes:
    • Omega Appliers
    • Tango appliers, IF they use full textures and Omega appliers are included for bits extending past the waist.
    • Phat Azz Appliers
    • Omega Supported Meshes
    • Tango Friendly Meshes
  • Any pictured body(s) need to be supported meshes.
  • All Adverts must have the Omega Logo or Omega Appliers Listed on the Image itself.
    (We do not have the manpower to check descriptions)
  • It must be obvious about what is being advertised. This can be achieved by obvious close-ups or text.
  • Products should be listed in the appropriate groups. (See bellow)
  • Any item that breaks Linden Labs TOS, My TOSs or any other relevant TOS are not allowed.

Note: These groups are NOT a group for blogger Posts, however, blog posts are allowed, IF AND ONLY IF, they list ON THE IMAGE which items have Omega. The Image should also be focused on the Omega Friendly Items. If the image is a zoomed out picture of you and your friend, and the only Omega item you list is a little bit of makeup with your full mesh outfit, that If I have to click through to verify there are omega applier’s in the image, I’m just going to remove the image!

Specific Group Rules:

There are four Omega Flickr groups. Each with its own purpose and rule set.

Omega Ladies Flickr

For Advertising Ladies Items.

  • Women’s items only!
  • Unisex is fine as long as there is an adult female on the image.
  • Nudity is fine as long as it is Non-Sexual.
  • Inherently sexual and/or violent items, such as cum, whips, “slut” tatts, etc are not allowed.
  • Children’s items are not allowed unless it’s some sort of “Mommy and Me” set up. In which case there should be a woman on the image.

Omega Gent’s Flickr

For Advertising Men’s Items

  • Men’s items only!
  • Unisex is fine as long as there is an adult male on the image.
  • Nudity is fine as long as it is Non-Sexual.
  • Inherently sexual and/or violent items, such as cum, whips, “slut” tatts, etc are not allowed.
  • Children’s items are not allowed.

Omega Kiddies

For Advertising Children’s Items.

  • Children’s items only!  (Sensing the pattern yet?)
  • If the image show’s adults, it must show children.
  • Full Nudity is NEVER ok.
  • Skins must be censored.
  • Skin’s with genitalia details are forbidden.
  • Products that advocate ageplay are forbidden.
  • Sexual Content of any sort is not allowed.

Omega NSFW
For Advertising Overtly Sexual and/or Violent items such as: Cum, Pubic Hair, Bruising, Unhealed wounds,
Ownership Brands and other things related to BDSM and sex.

  • Male, Female and Unisex Items are allowed
  • All items must be inherently sexual and/or violent. Examples:
    • Pubic Hair
    • Cum
    • Pet/Slave/Sub “Brands”
    • Whip Marks
    • Scars
    • Bruises
    • Anything else not normally allowed in the other 3 groups.
  • Children’s Products are NOT allowed in any way shape or form.
  • Ageplay items are not allowed.
    Note: By ageplay, we mean involving an Avi meant to be or appear underage.
    The sort of thing that breaks LL TOS. Putting your hair in pigtails and wearing a “baby girl” t-shirt does not qualify.



Important: Due to a large volume of people who can’t read the rules, we’ll be now removing people (and their posts) entirely who forget to mention Omega. Posts that not only don’t mention omega, but show no hint of being related (ie, mesh clothing being worn instead of applier clothing) will result in a ban from the group. Additionally, Single Images that don’t have Omega indicated on the image itself, may be removed on sight. (It will not result in a member removal or ban however unless we click through to description, find no mention of Omega, continue to your feed and find you have a history of posting non-omega images in our groups)

Also note, the policing of this group is sporadic. This will continue to be true. Do not assume “they got away with it” to mean it’s ok. There is not a rigid schedule for clean ups. Our cleaning sessions are generally all at once, at random times when our brains are too fried for real work. (ie, scripting). If they do a bad thing.. and then you do it.. you’ll both get removed the next time we clean!

If you think you got banned in error, you can come talk to me. I don’t bite, but if you don’t agree to fix whatever it is that made me ban you in the first place, you’re not going to get unbanned either. 🙂

-Chellynne Bailey


What about Lingerie and Slutty Clothing?

If there is a PG way to wear the clothing and the AD is PG, then it can be advertised in the Normal Groups. If it has NSFW options and/or the advert is NOT PG then it needs to go into the NSFW Group. This does mean that some products can exist in both groups, such as Lingerie Sets that cover all the bits (or can with the right version).

What about Skins?
Generally, Skins do not belong in the NSFW Group. Skin is just something you have. Having naughty bits isn’t what makes you NSFW, showing them off in a provocative way is! That said, if you were to write “Slut” across the skins ass or something, that would need to go into the NSFW group.