Omega Logos

Omega Logos

Don’t know what Logo to use? Or not sure what a Logo Means?
If you see someone using applier logos on mesh or mesh logos on appliers, please let me know! 

Omega Applier Logos
These logos come in a variety of styles.  They indicate the presence of Omega Appliers being Included in a product.
The Logo on the Right is for Advanced Appliers Only. (Dev Kit 2.0+)

Omega Logo BetaOmega Classic Logo

Omega Classic Logos: These come in a variety of styles and indicate the presence of our original line of appliers. At the time we allowed the reskinning of the logo to fit your ad-work, so they can be seen in all sorts of arrangements.
TL:DR; If you’re still using our original appliers with the goofy Comic Sans Text (like the one on the left) these are the logos you should use.  

Omega Advanced LogoOmega Advanced Logos: Omega Advanced introduced Materials and Tinting and the brand got a design change to boot.  Appliers became purple text on black backgrounds and started using scripts for configs instead of notecards.
TL:DR; Appliers using the 2.0-3.9 dev kits OR the “Standard Dev Kit” still found in the current dev kit should use this logo. It may be hue shifted if desired.

Omega Evolved Logo: Omega’s 3rd generation introduced a bunch of tweaks to the system including the addition of a new all-in-one applier script. The presence of this logo means it may use features that require Evolved the Evolved Update.
TL:DR; Appliers using the new 4.0+ Dev Kit should use this Logo. It may not be changed.



About Mesh Items: 
Customers: Be careful when purchasing Mesh Items to read the product description carefully to find out what those appliers are for. Many Mesh Clothing creators include Applier Accessories like Gloves, Stockings, undies, ect with their Mesh Items. Always try demos when purchasing mesh!

Creators: We love seeing you include Omega Friendly accessories with your item, but please make sure your descriptions are clear about which bits are Omega. Not all users are experienced enough to tell the difference just by looking. Thanks in advance!

Logo Dropbox:

Omega Skin Applier Logos

We have special logos just for Skin makers, meant as a badge of honor to let folks know your skin appliers are complete! No missing textures, body, head, nipples, neck, etc are all there!

For the Skin makers who meet our requirements, the following logos are available to be used:

Omega CompleteOmega Complete Logo for Head Appliers with Neck BlendersOmega Complete Logo for Head Appliers w/o Neck Blenders

Omega Complete Logo for Body Appliers w/o Neck BlendersOmega Complete Logo for Body Appliers with Neck Blenders
Requirements to use these Appliers

  1. You must have Head Appliers available
  2. You must have Body Appliers available
  3. Either your Body OR your Head appliers Must have a Neck Blender Texture.
  4. Your Body Appliers MUST Include Upper, Lower, Foot, Hand and Nipple Textures.
  5. Your Upper and Lower Textures must have Nails and Shading intact for users of Type D Feet.
  6. Your Hand and Feet Textures must NOT have Nails, Shading between the Toes or under the nail Bed.
  7. You have to use the appropriate Logo in the proper place. If it comes to our attention you have the wrong one in place, we WILL ask you to change it and you MUST do so promptly. (It is after all false advertising to have the wrong on there!!
  8. The Gold Label may only be used on Packages that have both Body and Head Appliers in them. If you have both sold separately, but in close proximity, you may put it on a sign next to them, but must have the proper silver logos on the individual products to avoid confusion.
  9. Unlike our other logos, you may NOT modify these logos, at ALL.

If you do not fulfill ALL of these requirements, please continue to use the other logos above and continue to label your products as being “Head Appliers” or “Body Appliers” as appropriate.

Note for Mesh Makers: Do not use any of the above Logos on your mesh ads unless your mesh comes with Omega Appliers! (Taking Appliers != Including Appliers!) Instead, use one of the following!

Omega Friendly Mesh Logo

Indicates that this product is a piece of mesh that has an Omega Kit Available. These meshes can use Omega appliers, but require an Omega Kit to do so.

Make sure you read the products corresponding Supported Mesh Page to see what limitations apply for that Mesh.
How to Get this Logo for your Mesh: Contact Chellynne Bailey.

Omega Ready Mesh Logo

Indicates that this product is a piece of mesh that has Built in. These meshes can use Omega appliers right out of the Box!

Make sure you read the products corresponding Supported Mesh Page to see what limitations apply for that Mesh.
How to Get this Logo for your Mesh: Contact Chellynne Bailey.