Omega Solutions Mall Rules & Vacancies

Renter Information
Thank you for your interest in renting on our little slice of crazy! ^.^

Sim Rules/Info

These apply to the Mall Area, the Parcels and any other rental on sim.

All Decor must be PG or Mature. No graphically adult items.
You are free to add your own floor, but your shop begins at the doorway, keep your flooring within the glass.
While behind your shop is not technically your shop, you are free to leave drop boxes and other things back there as needed.

Additional Prims:
Additional Prims are limited, but still available, if you need more, let me know and we’ll adjust your box.

Additional Tenants:
You can add additional Tenets via the “Tenants” button on the Rental Box. Added Tenants will automatically be invited to the Land Group.

Rentals Left Overdue for more than a week may be subject to immediate eviction without warning.
(We shall try to send you NCs or IMs before this time, but it is not OUR responsibility to do so…)

If you intend on leaving, please set your rental to “will not renew” and/or remove your things. (Preferably both, but we understand if you leave your things out for the last few hours of your rental)

If you do neither of these things, you are responsible for whatever back-rent is due when we finally evict you.

Grandfathering Policy

Grandfathering Policy
Our prices can and do fluctuate over time, just based on our Best Guess at the best way to keep the Mall Full and Reduce our Own Tier Costs. (Thank you btw, it’s nice not having to pay for an entire sims worth of Tier on our own!).

It is our policy, that if prices go up, we do not raise the rents of those already renting. Did you nab a sweet spot when we were 2-3L/Prim? Grats, that’s not going to change.  That said, there are some caveats to be aware of:

  • This Policy assumes that L/Dollar amounts stay ROUGHLY even. So far, or my 2-3 years of dealing with the Lindex, there’s only been minor inflation, so hopefully it remains that way.
  • If you leave us and then come back, you’ll forfeit your old rate.
  • Your Grandfathered Rate is only for what you’ve already rented. If you want additional prims or spaces, those will be at the current rate.
  • Moving Spots:
    • Same Priced Spots: If you see a spot that is the same price as your spots “Normal” Price, and want to move, your rent will remain the same.
      Ie, If you’re renting a Normally 295L spot for 175L , and another 295L spot comes available closer to the entrance, you can move your rental to that new spot and keep your rent the same.
    • Higher Priced Spots: If you see a spot that costs MORE then your current spot, we will subtract your current rent, from your spots “normal price” to get your discount on the new spot. Ie, if you’re renting a 295L spot for 175L, that’s a 120L discount which we will apply to the cost of the new, larger spot.
    • Lower Priced Spots: If you want a spot that costs LESS then your current spots normal price, we will Proportionally reduce the new spots price for you. Ie:  You’re currently paying 500L for a 700L Spot and would like to move into a 500L spot you see.  You’re currently paying 71.5% of your rentals “retail price”, or 28.5% off.  Given the same discount on the new 500L/wk rental, your new rent would be 358L/wk
    • It is important to note: You might notice that switching between larger and smaller rentals repeatedly will steadily eat away at your discount.  We don’t keep extensive records of what your original rental was, so you can’t “go back” to old discounts. This means, if you switch between rental sizes frequently, you WILL end up with much greater rent amounts then if you’d picked a size and stuck with it. So bear this in mind!


Mall Rules and Listings

These apply to the Mall area and any other rentals excluding the Parcels behind the store.

Omega Friendly Content Only
This is an Omega Oriented Sim, meaning all our mall shops should be targetted at Omega Wearing Customers.  Not sure what we mean?

  • What is allowed:
    • Clothing with Omega Appliers
    • Tattoos with Omega Appliers
    • Skins with Omega Appliers
    • Tango and Phat Azz appliers that use Full Textures.
    • Resizable Wearables (Shoes, Jewelry Etc)
    • Omega Friendly Mesh Bodies, Butts, Boobies, etc
    • Fitted Mesh Clothing for Mesh Bodies
      • Must support at least 3 Omega Friendly Female Brands. (Example, Slink, Belleza, Maitreya) or 2 Male Brands. (Example Belleza Jake and Adam)
      • Must have demos
      • Standard Sizing Doesn’t Count but can be included.
    • Unrigged Hair and Rigged Hair w/Demos
    • Shoes for Omega Friendly Meshes (Slink Shoes, Maitreya Shoes, etc)
    • Animation HUDs & Animations (Especially Bento Related Items and Animations for non-typical shapes. Ie Curvy AOs)
  • What is not allowed:
    • System Clothing/Tattoos/Skins without Appliers
    • System Clothing/Tattoos without either  Omega appliers or Tango and Phat Azz Appliers
    • Tango Appliers with Partial Textures.   (This includes for mesh items!)
    • Rigged Mesh Items with no demos
    • Non-Omega Mesh Bodies, Butts, heads, hands, feet, etc.
    • Pornographic Content (we have child avi’s on sim!)
    • Ripped Content of ANY sort
  • What is only allowed on parcels and the East and West Roads of the Sim:
    • Furniture
    • Buildings
    • Games
    • HUDs
    • Any other Non-Fashion product.

♦♦Note: Only applies to the Mall Area of the Sim, on the parcels non-clothing items and businesses are allowed.[/spoiler]

Mall Shops and Stalls:


Children’s Area Rules

All products in this area MUST be blatantly targeted at children’s avatars. Products with only adults in the AD shall be returned. Eye, Nail and Make Appliers will be returned unless product ad is obviously and blatantly targeted at children.  No rigged mesh of any sort allowed, only applier clothing and skins are allowed. Unrigged mesh pieces are allowed if they accompany an article of clothing.
Important: All Kid Stalls are set to auto-evict and return after being 72 Hours late.

Children’s Rentals

Parcel Rules

Unlike the mall and children’s’ area,  Parcels come with the ability to change the parcel name, music, picture, search options, landing point and other land specific settings.

Omega Solutions Parcels: