Omega System Affiliate Kit


What it is:

Thanks to the magic that is caspervend, you can sell Omega System Kits right in your store! These kits sport a 10-35% vendor payout and are available to anyone who sells Omega Friendly Products!

What it includes:

  • Omega System Kit Multivendors!
    • Multivendor with ALL the Kits.
    • Multivendor with Ladies Body Kits.
    • Multivendor with Mens Body Kits.
    • Multivendor with Tinys Kits.
    • Multivendor with Giants Kits.
    • Multivendor with Children’s.
    • Multivendor with Head Kits
  • Omega System Kit Single Panel Vendors for a variety of the most popular Mesh Kits  (35% kits only)
  • Omega System Dev Kit Vendor
  • Signage!
  • Bonus Vendors (See Bellow!)
  • TOFAN Vendors! (See Bellow!)

Update 6/01/2015  Due to Time Constraints, Single Panel Vendors will no longer be added and may be removed from the kits entirely at some future date.
Update 9/12/2018  Due to Time Constraints, Single Panel Vendors will be updated intermittently or upon request.


  • Mistral System Vendors – 20%
  • LoveNLust Fashion Collection Vendors – Eyes (35%)
  • LoveNLust Fashion Collection Vendors – Nails (35%)
  • HR Coffin Nail Affiliate Vendors – 20%
  • HR Diamond Glitter Stiletto Nails Vendors – 20% share
    (sorry, can’t do 35% for collab/licensing/yadda yadda reasons)

TOFAN is The Omega Friends Affiliate Network! Every Update I include new affiliate vendors in the affiliate kit from a variety of AWESOME creators!

To keep things fresh, with update, all the TOFAN items that were in the 35% box will be moved to the 10% box and NEW items will be added to the 10% box! Once items hit the 10% box, how long they stick around will vary, so if you want those vendors, make sure you grab and keep them!

Please note, that TOFAN vendors can be any % the creator picks, so expect vendors of a variety of profit shares!

Want to become a Friends Affiliate and see your products in the kit, or just know more?  Check this out:

10% Kit TOFAN Vendors:

  • Catseye Dainty Paws – 10%
  • Catseye Dainty Hooves – 10%
  • NutBusters Omega Friendly Foot Paws – 10%
  • Gatcha Resellers System – 10%

35% Kit TOFAN Vendors

  • Apricot Paws Bento Handy Paws – 10%
  • Apricot Paws Feety Peets -10%
  • Catseye Furry Paws – 10%
  • Uluckie Mesh Bodies – 40%

Who Qualifies and how to get a Kit:
  • Be a Clothing, Skin, Eye or Nail Maker that provides Omega appliers in-world.  Note: There must be 5 or more easily recognizable products with Omega Appliers at the location. If we have a hard time locating 5 items when we arrive at your location, your kit may get disabled. Additionally, they may only be placed in Skin and Clothing shops where all the Tango Appliers are Omega Friendly, or where there is signage indicating which products are omega friendly and which are not.
  • Run an Omega Applier Friendly Event where Omega Appliers are welcome*
  • Run an Omega Applier Friendly Mall*

*Omega Applier Friendly meaning 75% of your creators/tenants have Omega appliers.

If you are sure you qualify, the Basic 35% Kit is available on the MP here:

Alternatively, you can get the FREE 10% Kit here:

Unsure if you qualify? Ask! All the rules listed above exist for the protection of our customers. If we find our vendors rezed somewhere that does not qualify, we WILL shut them down without refund. If you are unsure if your location will qualify, ask! If you think you were shut down in error, send us a NC, we will look again and see if there is something that can be done to rectify the situation.

Special Note: These requirements are for the Omega Vendors. Anyone selling anything can rez and sell any of the TOFAN vendors. 🙂

-Chellynne Bailey

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