Omega Systems Booty Kit is here!

Omega Systems Booty Kit is here!

In a fit of uncharacteristic productivity (possibly due to the overwhelming positive feedback ^.^;), I’ve got the next Kit done!

Initially I was only going to do Phat Azz and Cute Azz for this kit, but looking at my scripts, realized I could cover a much greater variety of mesh bums with a single script!

Thus say hello to:

Designed to let you use Omega Appliers with Phat Azz, Cute Azz, Banned AND Ghetto Booty!

Bonus: Because of the way it works, it may work with other Bootys we’ve not tested yet! If you spot one not on our list , drop us a NC!

This brings the list of Meshes a designer can support with one set of appliers to:  WOWMEH, Petites,  Ghetto Booty, Cute Azz,  [BANNED], Phat Azz, Tangos, Mirage, and all implants that take Tango Appliers…-phew-  And we’re still adding to this list!

Grab it while it’s still free!


I’ve gotten some fantastic feed back from your guys, and I love you all for it.

I’d like to compile a list of designers who use the Omega Appliers and put it up here for the world to see. So if you’ve started adding Omega Appliers to your Products, PLEASE drop me a NC with a LM and a Logo so I can add you ^. ^ (And come perv your stuff! hehe)

Mesh Booty Designers!

Your Booty may already be compatible! Check out this to find out!