Update: Omega Advanced Appliers

Note: This page features REALLY out of date information. 
It’s only still here for Archival Purposes.
(how’d you find it anyways?)
Omega Advanced Appliers
Many of you have been asking what is going on with the new appliers. 
Let us see if I can answer some of your questions.

What is it?
Omega Advanced Appliers are the next step in the Omega Saga. Fixing many of the inherent issues of our original appliers, these new appliers are more secure, easier to use and more hud friendly.
What does it do?
A number of things!
    • No more Notecard! The new scripts use configuration scripts that are NOT readable when left copy, so your UUIDs are better protected without annoying your customers!
    • For additional security, the config scripts can even be deleted one set up is complete!
      (make sure you follow the directions in the kit!)
    • More secure channels! The appliers now use a fluctuating channel that is harder to snoop, better protecting your UUIDs!
    • All in one skin appliers! Instead of 6 different appliers for skin… (upper, lower, head, hand, foot, nipple) skin makers can now include all 6 textures in one button!
    • non-materials-applier-skin
  • Combination Top, Bottom, Face and Outfit Appliers, each with a single config script to fill out instead of 2,3 or 6!
  • Unlike previous Combo Appliers, our all the new appliers are now able to be linked into a HUD!

Wait?! New Channel!? Does this mean my old appliers need updating?!
No no no! We’re not removing any listeners. Old appliers will ALWAYS work. We may update, tweek, provide more options, ever swap to a new channel, but we will NEVER remove the ability of our kits to work with older appliers. (that would be madness!)
If it doesn’t use NoteCards, how do I convert my phat azz appliers?
In the dev kit you’ll find a box labeled “Conversion Kit”. That has all the old Skin and Combo appliers.  This however is temporary until I update the appliers to be able to use NCs again. (the function was removed temporarily for testing purposes. I will add it back latter)
I don’t make things….Do I need to do anything?
Unless you run into an applier that doesn’t work, no! Chances are good your kit has been ready for this for months! If you do however run into a non-working applier, do the following:
  1. Make sure you have an up to date version of your body. (Especially Belleza users)
  2. Make sure you have an up to date version of your Kit
  3. Reread the instructions for your kit. We’ve been starting to transition some kits from old methods to new plug ins. The instructions may have changed.
  4. Make sure your layers are turned on. (use your meshes hud!)
  5. Run around in circles a bit if it’s still not working to let off steam, then come to LnL Chat.
If you would like to know if you’re ready to go or need to update, the, the quickest way is to pick up the freebees on the counter in the shop. If they work, you are set!
I make stuff… do I need to do anything?
That is up to you. I personally think the new scripts are easier to use and are worth the effort to look at. If you are comfortable using the old applier however, feel free to continue!
I make mesh.. do I need to do anything?
If you have a pre-installed or plug-in kit, I will have contacted you already.
If you have a standard script, the script has already been updated.
If you have a relay…and only 3 mesh makers do at this point…you may want to start thinking about having me do a pre-installed or plug-in script so your mesh is ready for the upcoming materials.
If you make boobies.. you really need to look at this page:  Materials update
GAH! Where is our MAterials Appliers?!
-squeeks and ducks- Materials was part of a larger overhaul of the applier system, and I decided it was wise to break it up a bit to flush the bugs out in manageable waves. Once I’m convinced all the kits are working with the new Advanced Appliers, I’ll introduce the materials appliers. (btw, we’re still taking beta testers for the Materials Appliers!)
So how do I use these new appliers?
Instructions can be found here: Dev Kit Instructions