Omega Obsession Group

Omega Obsession Group

What we are…
A group dedicated to helping you find or advertise Omega Friendly Meshes, Clothing, Skins, Nails and other products!

Join the group here:  secondlife:///app/group/14c8f9fd-94a5-86a4-ab02-796fc0d2eb0b/about

Creator Info:

  • Your store must sell creations with Omega Appliers or mesh that is Omega Friendly.
  • A Group Mod will visit your store to evaluate your application.
  • If you have an inworld store, the Omega Obsessions Group Joiner must be displayed.

Rules for Advertizing Appliers:

  • Your Notices must feature any of the following:
    • Clothing/Skins/Nails/Eyes/Makeup/etc with Omega Appliers.
    • Clothing with Tango Appliers IF they use full textures and IF they don’t go bellow the waist. (at that point it’s an Omega Applier already, might as well slap the Omega Applier Logo on the Box)
    • Clothing with Phat Azz Appliers
  • Non-Omega Products may be listed in an Attachment (Notecard, Demo Bundle, etc) but not the notice itself!
  • You may Post Once a Day.
  • A Note about Mixed Applier/Mesh Products: Due to rampant abuse by Mesh Sellers selling mesh outfits with an applier for stockings, undies, etc, Mixed outfits do NOT count as Omega Friendly unless:
    • The Mesh Bits are Unrigged/Resizable
    • The Mesh Bits are something outside the normal outfit.. such as Bento Cat Ears/Tail and would work on any typical height Avi, regardless of shape.

Rules for Advertizing Mesh Products:

  • Your mesh product must have an Omega Kit available, or otherwise be Omega friendly. (like boobies!)
  • You mesh must also either:
    • Have Omega Built In.
    • Have it’s Omega Kit Vendor at your in-world store.  (in-world links only)
    • Have a link to the Kit in their descriptions. (MP Links only )
  • You may post:
    • Three Times the First Day a new product or MAJOR update is released.
    • Once a day forever after.
    • Pre-Installed Exception: If you have paid for Pre-Installed, you may spam twice a day. Huzza! \o/

Rules for promoting a Sales Event you are participating in:

  • You must be advertising your specific stall at the event.
  • Your stall must have Omega Friendly items as listed above.
  • The event must either be Omega Related (see above) or direct TP must be on so they can arrive directly at your products.

Make sure you mention Omega in the Notice so our mods know it’s Omega Related!

Promoter Info:

Rules for Blog Posts

  • Review posts may be posted in group IF : If the Blog post in question is specifically covering something Omega Related.
  • Typical Picture + Credits Blog Posts may be posted if it credits (with links and applier info provided) at least 6 of these:
    • Omega Friendly Body
    • Omega Friendly Head
    • Omega Friendly Misc Part (Boobies, Hands, Mesh Nails)
    • Omega Friendly Skin (Head + Body!)
    • Omega Friendly Tattoo
    • Omega Friendly Clothing Item
    • Omega Friendly Eye Applier
    • Omega Friendly Nail Applier
    • Omega Friendly Makeup, Eyebrow, Beard or Hairbase Applier
  • Entire Blogs may only be spammed if the Blog itself is about Omega or 90% of its’ posts fit the above rules

These rules also apply to flicker, facebook and other social media postings.

Rules for spamming other sales groups:

Most groups will tell you flat out no. We, however, don’t mind some cross-group promotion. We simply have some rules regarding this:

  1. It needs to be a sales or events group…somewhere were appliers are advertised.
  2. The Sales Group Must be Omega friendly.
    1. Omega Appliers must be allowed to be advertised there.
    2. Omega Appliers must not be discriminated against in the posting Rules
  3. We must be allowed to spam Omega News in that group at a similar rate as you post in ours!
  4. If you spam our group with info about our group, we expect you to spam your group with info about ours at the same time. Deal? Deal!

Rules for promoting a Sales Events you run:

Promoting Omega Related Events is allowed, but must be cleared by Chellynne.
Generally, you are considered to be Omega Related if one of the following is true: 

  1. It’s an Omega Oriented Event. (ie, the Omega Big Tent Sale)
  2. It’s an Applier Event, but heavily features Omega appliers ( >50 of your vendors have them) 
  3. Omega has been invited and is Featured at your Event. 

No more than one post a week for weekly/monthly events. Seasonal events (ie the _____ fair) may be posted daily for the first week of the event. Yearly events may be spammed daily for the entire event.

Make sure you mention Omega in the Notice so our mods know it’s Omega Related!


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