Omega Obsession Group

Omega Obsession Group
What we are…
 A group dedicated to helping you find or advertise Omega Friendly Meshes, Clothing, Skins, Nails and other products!


Rules to join the group as a creator:

Your store must sell creations with omega appliers or mesh that is Omega Friendly.
You understand that the group notices are limited to one post per day and that group chat advertisement is limited to two per day in addition to your one notice allowed.

You understand that Mesh Body Adverts are limited to one post a week.
You understand that a manager of the group will visit your store to evaluate your application.

Rules for Spamming Appliers:
You can spam any of the following:

  • Clothing with Omega Appliers.
  • Skins with Omega Appliers
  • Clothing with Tango Appliers IF they use full textures  and IF they don’t go bellow the waist. (at that point it’s an Omega Applier already, might as well slap the Omega Applier Logo on the Box)
  • Omega Nail Appliers
  • Omega Eye Appliers.
  • A One Time announcement that all your products DO use full upper textures if you’ve also put up signage to reflect that fact AND you’ve started providing Omega Appliers with products.
Rules for Spamming Mesh Products:
1. Your mesh product must have a kit available, or otherwise be Omega friendly. (like boobies!)
2. One Spam a week, One a day the week you release.
3. You mesh must either:

  • Have Omega Built In.
  • Have it’s Omega Kit Vendor at your in-world store.  (in-world links only)
  • Have a link to the Kit in their descriptions. (MP Links only )

Regarding Non-Omega Products and Omega Products in the same Notice:
Please refrain from sliding non-Omega products into your notices with Omega Friendly products. If you include a Notecard with your notice, it may include these other non-Omega products, but the notice itself must be 100% Omega.

Rules to join as a Promoter:

You are Event Promoter, Blogger, Applier Group Owner, Flicker Stream runner, hunt manager or some other personage involved in the promotion of Appliers and Applier related products.

You understand that group notices are limited to one a day except as listed bellow.

Rules for spamming Blogs

Blog posts may be spammed IF and only if the Blog post in question is covering something Omega Related.Entire Blogs may be spammed if the Blog itself is about Omega.

These rules also apply to flicker, facebook and other social media postings.

Rules for spamming other sales groups:
Most groups will tell you flat out no. We however simply have some rules regarding this:
1. It needs to be a sales or events group…somewhere were appliers are advertised.
2. The Sales Group Must be Omega friendly.  Omega Appliers must be allowed to be advertised there with no other reason then because it comes with Omega Appliers. And we must be allowed to spam Omega News in that group.
3. No more then one spam a week for groups.
4. If you spam our group with info about our group, we expect you to spam your group with info about ours at the same time. Deal? Deal!

Rules for promoting a Sales Events you run:

Promoting Omega Related Events is allowed, but must be cleared by Chellynne.You are considered to be Omega Related if one of the following is true: 
1) It’s an Omega Oriented Event. (ie, the Omega Big Tent Sale)
2) It’s an Applier Event, but heavily features Omega appliers ( >50 of your vendors have them) (bodyFanatik)
3) Omega has been invited and is Featured at your Event. (ie, The Big Event)

No more then one spam a week for weekly/monthly events. Seasonal events (ie  the _____ fair) may be spammed every day for the first week of the event.

Make sure you mention Omega in the Notice so our mods know it’s Omega Relayed!

Rules for promoting a Sales Event you are participating in:

1) You must be advertising your stall at the event.
2) Your stall must have Omega Friendly items as listed above.
3) The event must either be Omega Related (see above) or direct TP must be on so they can arrive directly at your products.

Make sure you mention Omega in the Notice so our mods know it’s Omega Relayed!

Join the group here:  secondlife:///app/group/14c8f9fd-94a5-86a4-ab02-796fc0d2eb0b/about

Note: When Approved, you will be given a group joiner. If you have a inworld presence, you’re required to put it somewhere visible in your shop.