Omega Spot Light

Omega Spot Light

Every other week our lovely Dixie(digi256) will be compiling a list of the best, weirdest, rarest and neatest items she can find and sending it out here and on our Facebook. 🙂

If you’re interested in maybe getting your items (or anyone’s) featured, toss her an AD NC! It doesn’t have to be anything special.. just what you send out to your subscribers or in notices. Just make sure there’s a picture and a way to find the item. (LM.. MP.. etc). If you want to maximize your chances.. just put Dixie on your subscriber list. She doesn’t mind!. 🙂

What are we looking for?

  • Omega Friendly Items. All items will be Omega friendly, period. It’s our list!
  • Recent Releases
  • Uncommon Items
  • Weird Items
  • RP Friendly Items
  • Clever Use of Materials/Tinting Items
  • Freebies
  • Niche Items
  • Beards/Hairbases/Eyes
  • and anything else that’s just plain Awesome.

But at any rate.. we’ll release more details as they become available. (Including a name for the list and exact schedule)

Until then. =mwah=
~Chellynne Bailey
Omega Solutions


Why wasn’t my item listed?
No one is guaranteed to be listed. Dixie goes through Submissions, Flickr, Facebook, MP, Omega Obsessions and other sources and picks out items that we think Omega users would enjoy.  Some weeks it’ll be free-for-all. Some weeks she may pick a theme. Regardless, please do not contact her about her choices. 🙂  (unless it’s to say thank you. She takes gratuity in the form of Cookies, Coffee, and Freebies)

Anything I can do to increase my odds?

  1. Make sure you add her to your sublists to she sees all your things that come out.
  2. Make sure you have the Omega Logo clearly visible on your ads so she doesn’t accidently skip over it thinking it’s not an Omega  Product.
  3. Have a Clear, Gorgeous AD for your product.

Will she be taking pictures?
Currently.. the plan is.. no. In the interest of getting the most stuff out to people on a timely basis…(and making sure she doesn’t have to BUY tons of things…), we’ll be using the pictures you send, or we find.

I sent a NC but never heard anything back! Did you get it?
Yes, we got it, but we will not be sending any responses to submissions.

Where do I send things again?
digi256 resident