Psttttt… YOU.. yes YOU…if you’ve been sent here, it’s because someone thinks you’re not getting the exposure your awesomeness deserves!  Omega Solutions thinks they may be able to help!

A KEY part of Omega’s Success was getting our Affiliate Vendors into the Hands of Hundreds of vendors.
> 1000 vendors dot the Grid sharing our products. Well now I’d like to share that network with those that I think can benefit from it!

How it works

The concept is fairly simple. You send me Affiliate Vendors and I pick out the best ones to tuck them into my Affiliate Vendor packages.  Those packages go out to our hundreds of Affiliate Vendor users and they rez the ones they like in their stores, clubs, hangouts, wherever one might like to make a bit of money.  Depending on the Number of affiliates I get, I may put them all in the kits at once, or make it a monthly send-out with rotating vendors available.

Now, this IS a curated program.  No one is guaranteed a spot. I will select vendors and products that make sense in the context of everything I receive. Additionally, depending on the Number and types of affiliates I get, I may put them all in the kits at once, or turn it into a rotating monthly delivery of fresh vendors. This will be particularly true if I find myself sent enough seasonal items. (Hint, send these WAY in advance.. )


  • Products must not break any TOS’s
  • No Template Products, High-Quality Original Works only.
  • No Hate Products
  • Applier Products must be Omega
  • SLUV Products must have Omega
  • Affiliate Shares must be at least 10%. Higher % are recommended however to encourage more folks to put out your vendor.
  • If you already have Affiliate vendors for the submitted items, the affiliate share you offer through us must be equal to or greater then what you offer on your own.

What to Send:

You should send us a folder labeled “Omega Affiliate Program:” and your store name. Inside it, include:

  • A notecard with your intentions, MP location, inworld location, blog and any other pertinent info.
  • The Affiliate Vendors you’re submitting.
  • Any Signage and Materials you’d like to include with your vendors.
  • It is not required… but if you’re selling a hud, I do appreciate a copy of it, just so I can test it out and see what it is I’m trying to help promote.

Remember when deciding what to send to account for various scales. Some shops only have a tiny bit of space they’re trying to fill, fat-pack vendors do well here, along with multi-vendors that people can browse through. Other places, may have an entire wall dedicated, or like malls, may want to fill an entire store. For malls especially, make sure you have, at a bare minimum, a shop sign and a group-giver for them to use.

Vendor Setup

To get started you will need Caspervend. It’s the only vendor system I’m aware of with exactly the settings we require.
Just set up your product Vendors as normal and:

  • Set the Mesh/Prims to Copy/Mod/Trans. (I will make them no-trans before distributing)
  • Set the scripts/notecard inside to copy/trans (I will make them no-trans before distributing)
  • Have a 10% (or more) affiliate Share.  Higher Amounts will increase the likelihood of your vendors getting rezzed out by location owners.
  • Have a 2% profit share (or more) sent to Xanderpendragon Resident.  This is my cut. That is my profit-share alt. 🙂
    • Optional for Pre-Installed Products < 1000L.
  • Have “Pay affiliate share BEFORE profit shares are paid” unchecked.

Additionally, keep in mind ease of use. Beautiful Vendor setups have been achieved by putting invisible prims on top of intricate mesh setups, however, these can be rather cumbersome to move and can lead to set-up mistakes. Please keep your setups stupid-proof. You will not be able to verify every vendor has set up your masterpiece correctly. 🙂


Does it have to be Omega Friendly items?
Omega Friendly? No… but not….lets say.. not Omega Non-Friendly? Ie, I will not be putting items that might confuse vendors and customers by their affiliation with Omega. Ie, no non-Omega Human Mesh Bodies. No Non-Omega Appliers.   This doesn’t mean we won’t put ANY non-Omega Mesh in there, but it needs to not be something that might muddy the waters for our customers.

What about Mesh Clothing?
Mesh Clothing would totally be something that works, although it would need to have fitmesh sizes for at least 3 Mesh Brands.

What about Prim Clothing/Items?
It’s possible….but unless you’ve done something exceptional, it’s unlikely.  High Quality is the goal, and while Prim/Flexy CAN be that, it’s hard to do without looking dated.

What about this cool HUD I made?!
I love cool HUDs! It’ll depend on what it does though. 🙂

How long does it take to get vendors out?
My hope is to send out new vendors monthly. We will see how much demand this program generates. 🙂

Aren’t there Strict Restrictions on who can use the Omega Affiliate Kit?!
Currently yes, but those are going to be relaxed for this program. The idea is to start advertising our Affiliate Kits as Affiliate Bundles. All-In-One Kits you fill a whole shop, or (hopefully) mall with. 🙂