Supported Meshes

Supported Meshes

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✩ = Materials,  ✎= Modify,  ⋒ = Tinting,  = Bento Head, ✌ = Bento Hands
Note that Brands marked with Bento may have both Bento and Non-Bento items.
Always check product descriptions, many brands offer a variety of product features!
And let me know if a brand offers something not shown on the list!

Ladies (link here)

Ladies Heads - Lips - Noses

6DOO – ✩⋒
Aii-Arachnia – ✎✩⋒
AK Creations –
Altamura Heads –
Borealis – ✩⋒
DCD – ✩⋒
Egoisme Heads
EVE Mesh Heads
Eye Candi
Fiore –  ✩⋒
GA.EG (Gaeline/Ellegance)✩⋒
Genus – ✩⋒
Kitties Lair Head – ✎✩⋒
LOGO Mesh Heads – ✩⋒
LV Bimbo – ✩⋒
Mayreal – ✩⋒
Meli Imako ✩⋒
ND/MD – Heads – ✎✩⋒
PictureME – ✩⋒
Safy Belle – ✩⋒
Sking Da Face
Slink Vistage – ✩⋒
Stargazer Mesh Head – ✩⋒
Starlust Mesh Head – ✩⋒
Stylish Way – ✩⋒
Void Mesh Heads – ✎✩⋒
Vista Mesh Head✩⋒

Cherry Rouge (Nyam Nyam)
Loud Mouth
Sweet Lips by PXL – ✎✩⋒
Soul Kissers – ✎✩⋒

Whisper Mesh Noses – ✩⋒✎

Ladies Bodies - Typical

Anthro Anim – ✩⋒✌
[BANNED] (no longer available) – ✎✩⋒
Belleza – ✩⋒✌
Bosom Mesh (no longer available)– ✩⋒
Busty Girl by Aii (no longer available) – ✎✩⋒
Brazilia Doll by Sking
eBody  – ✩⋒
EVE by Absolute Creations
Fat Fitted Chick Body – ✎✩⋒
G.Inc’s – ✩⋒
Immortals Mesh Avatars – ✎✩⋒
Inahnah – ✩⋒
Istani (no longer available) – ✎✩⋒
ULuckie  – ✎✩⋒
La Bomba – ✎✩⋒
Kitties Lair – ✎✩⋒
Maitreya – ✌
ME Bodyshop – ✩⋒
ND/MD – Real Doll – ✎✩⋒
Orange Nova – ✎✩⋒
PsiCorp – ✎✩⋒
Rin’s – ✎✩⋒
Sapphira  – ✎✩⋒
SelinA – ✎✩⋒
Serious Marketplace  – ✎✩⋒
Signature Mesh Body Alice – ✩⋒
Slink Hourglass/Physique – ✩⋒✌
Tiny Things – ✩⋒
Tonic Mesh Body – ✩⋒
WOWMEH (no longer available) – ✎✩⋒
Vivendi Body – ✎✩⋒
Violet Studios : Fusion – ✎✩⋒

Ladies Bodies - Muscled

Anthro Anim – ✎✩⋒
Manoua’s Muscles – ✎✩⋒
Dev Muscle – ✎✩⋒

Ladies Bodies - Giant

Anthro Anim – ✎✩⋒
Collosi – ✎✩⋒
Immortals Mesh Avatars – ✎✩⋒
Violet Studios : Fusion – ✩⋒

Ladies Bodies - Tiny

(11) Eleven Designs – ✎✩⋒
Immortals -✎✩⋒
Minikin – ✎✩⋒
ND/MD – ✎✩⋒
Pixies – ✎✩⋒
Tiny Things  – ✎✩⋒
Violet Studios : Scalez – ✩⋒
Yabusaka Petite Mesh Avatar 3 – ✎✩⋒

Ladies Breasts: Fitted + Niche
Ladies Bellys

Baby Bump – ✎✩⋒
Fat Fitted Belly – ✎✩⋒
Hands on Maternity Belly – Bento/✩⋒
Lab 737 – ✎✩⋒
LovelyBump Bento Pregnancy System – Bento/✩⋒

Ladies Legs (asses)

9’s Mesh Asses – ✩⋒
[BANNED] (no longer available) – ✎✩⋒
Brazilia by Sking
Ghetto Booty (no longer available) – ✎✩⋒
Violet Studios : Wideload – ✎✩⋒
Perfect Bum – ✩⋒
Phat Azz / Cute Azz (no longer available) – ✎✩⋒
Shade Designs – ✎✩⋒

Ladies Hand - Feet - Paws - Hooves - Nails

Apricot Paws – ✎✩⋒
Catseye Furry Hand Paws – ✎✩⋒
Lena Lush Hands – ✎✩⋒
Egoisme Hands
Slink Hands – ✩⋒
Tiny Things – Handy Hands – ✩⋒
Tuty Mesh Hands✩⋒
Vista Mesh Hands✩⋒

Angel Feet – ✎✩⋒
Brutal Heart – ✎✩⋒
Caboodle – ✎✩⋒
Catseye Dainty Hooves/Paws – ✎✩⋒
Lena Lush Feet – ✎✩⋒
Maitreya Mesh Feet – ✩⋒
Nutbusterz Paws/Hooves – ✎✩⋒
Slink Feet – ✩⋒
Tootsies Mesh Feet (no longer available) – ✩⋒
Violet Studios: Tartarous Hooves – ✩⋒


BS – ✩⋒
Empire – ✩⋒
HR Diamond Nail collection – ✩⋒
N.Kolour Bento Nails – ✩⋒
POSH Claws Collection – ✩⋒
Wuff Nails for Kemono  – ✩⋒

Misc Bits and Pieces

A Ladies Secret – Bento/✩⋒
Beautiful Beginings – ✎✩⋒
Cherry Rouge (Coochie)
Session Skin’s “The V Bento” Mesh Bits Bento/✩⋒
Sking Vulva
Omega Add-on: Caboodle Hoo Cover – ✎✩⋒

Outfits (Mesh Clothes with Omega enabled skin areas)
Justice – ✎✩⋒
Melon Bunny – ✩⋒
MNSTR – ✎✩⋒

Skirt Panels:
Omega System Skirt Kit – ✎✩⋒

Leg and Arm Stubs
DK Scripts Stubs – ✎✩⋒


Gentlemen’s Mesh (link here)

Male Mesh Heads

Adam by Absolute Creations
AK Creations – Bento
Altamura – Bento/New!
Catwa – Bento
Crazy White Boy – Materials/Tinting Ready
Egoisme Head
GA.EG (Gaeline/Ellegance) – Bento/Materials/Tinting Ready
Labyrinth – Materials/Tinting Ready
Lelutka – Materials/Tinting Ready
LightStar – Bento/Materials/Tinting Ready
LOGO Mesh Heads – Materials/Tinting Ready
LV Max – Materials/Tinting Ready
MoR – Materials/Tinting Ready
NO! Project – Materials/Tinting Ready
Raven Bell – Materials/Tinting Ready
Signature Gianni – Bento/Materials/Tinting Ready
The Mesh Lab – Materials/Tinting Ready
Vexilles – Materials/Tinting Ready
Void Mesh Heads – Materials/Tinting Ready

Male Full Body Meshes - Body Builder Meshes

Full Body Meshes – Body Builder Meshes
Anthro Anim – Modify/Materials/Tinting Ready
Dev Muscle – Materials/Tinting Ready
L’Uomo by Animations Rising – Materials/Tinting Ready
Roger by Sking
Timmy Zong Designs – Materials/Tinting Ready

Male Full Body Meshes - Typical/Thin

Full Body Meshes – Athletic/Typical/Thin
Achillies by EPOS
Adam by Absolute Creations
Altamura – Bento/New!
Atoss by Sking
Belleza Jake – Bento/Materials/Tinting Ready
Exmachina – Bento/Materials/Tinting Ready
LouisBody – Bento/Modify/Materials/Tinting Ready
Meta – Bento/Modify/Materials/Tinting Ready
[Niramyth] – Bento/Modify/Materials/Tinting Ready
NX-Nardcotix – Materials/Tinting Ready
PsiCorp – Bento/Modify/Materials/Tinting Ready
Serious Marketplace Mesh – Materials/Tinting Ready
Signature Gianni – Bento/Bento/Materials/Tinting Ready
Slink Male Mesh – Bento/Materials/Tinting Ready
Story Leaf – Materials/Tinting Ready
Tellaq – Materials/Tinting Ready

Male Full Body Meshes - Androgynous/Femboy

Full Body Meshes – Androgenous/Femboy
Orange Nova – Materials Ready (technically a female mesh, it appears to be seeing alot of use as a femboy mesh)
PsiCorp – Modify/Materials/Tinting Ready
Serious Marketplace Mesh – Materials/Tinting Ready

Male Full Body Meshes - Tiny

(11) Eleven Designs – Materials Ready/Tinting Ready
Immortals – Materials Ready/Tinting Ready
ND/MD – Modify/Materials/Tinting Ready
Yabusaka Petite Mesh Avatar 2 – Materials Ready

Male Full Body Meshes - Giants

Anthro Anim – Modify/Materials/Tinting Ready
Beast Creations – Materials/Tinting Ready
Collosi – Materials/Tinting Ready
Immortals Mesh Avatars – Materials/Tinting Ready
Violet Studios : Fusion – Materials/Tinting Ready

Male Misc Meshes

Mesh Pecs/Abs
L’Uomo by Animations Rising – Materials/Tinting Ready
Femboy Pechs/Abs
V-Tech – Materials/Tinting Ready
Egoisme Hands/Feet
Slink Male Mesh Hands/Feet – BentoHands/Materials/Tinting Ready
MOR Nails (for the Krankhaus Kuroo Bento Body) – Materials/Tinting Ready
Vista Animations – Bento/Materials/Tinting Ready
Loud Mouth
Soul Kissers


Unisex Bits (link here)

Mesh Ears
Stargazer Mesh Ears – Modify/Materials/Tinting Ready
SugarFluff Ikimono Ears – Modify/Materials/Tinting Ready
Lumae Mesh Ears – Modify/Materials/Tinting Ready

Unisex Misc Bits and Pieces

Aii Mesh Tail – Modify
Mesh Head Studio Heads – Modify/Materials/Tinting Ready
Glutz Third Eye – Modify/Materials/Tinting Ready
Omega Solutions Mesh Eyes – Modify/Materials/Tinting Ready
Sinful Needs Mesh Eyes – Modify/Materials/Tinting Ready
Stargazer Mesh Antennae – Modify/Materials/Tinting Ready
Soul Gills/HeadFins – Modify/Materials/Tinting Ready



Childrens Mesh Bodys and Heads

Bad Seed – ✩ 
KJ-MXS – ✩⋒
ND/MD Cuties  – ✩⋒✎ – Some Modify Products
Yabusaka Baby Body – ✩⋒✎ – Some Modify Products
Toddleedoo – ✩⋒


Unsupported Meshes

Any mesh not listed above is an unsupported mesh. This is not a comment on their quality. There are many great meshes not supported by Omega and we encourage you to try them as well. (Even if we do have a rather large Bias for those who include Omega Support!)

Mesh Support FAQ

What to do if you’re the creator of a Mesh not on this list?
Contact me! I do these kits in order of what I can get my hands on the easiest and in the case of no-mod mesh, who is the most cooperative. So the quickest way to get your Kit done is to simply drop a mod version of the body on my head and answer some questions. BAMN!

What if I own a body that’s not on this list?!
Your best bet is to send a POLITE notecard to both myself and the creator of the mesh.  There is no guarantee this will work, but the more notecards they get, the better your odds. 🙂 Just remember, politeness above all! There’s been more than one Mesh Maker who has been put off by overly pushy notecards about Omega! Let us use Honey and not Vinegar Ladies and Gents!

Are you going to do a Kit for TMP /<insert no-modify non-Omega Friendly Mesh>?
 I would LOVE to make kits for these lovely meshes. Something I don’t tell them often enough. (you reading this TMP? I still love you even though you ignore me! Come! Join the Omega! You know you wanna! )

Unfortunately, because they’re no-mod, I would either need their channels to create a kit, or they would need to hire me to make a built-in kit. Either way, that means they need to be willing to work with me.

Even if I found a way to do it without cooperation, when a mesh maker goes to these sorts of lengths to keep scripters and modders out, I won’t make a kit without their permission. Now, if you leave your Mesh Mod, or otherwise open to tinkering, I’ll assume you don’t mind 3rd party modifications and I’ll be up in there just like any other Mod Creator.

Why don’t you have a Kit for _________.
Either I haven’t heard of it, don’t think there is a market for it, it’s not compatible, or most likely, I haven’t gotten to it. Either way, try dropping a Notecard on mine and the creators head. Just remember, keep it polite and cheerful! You can also just leave a comment on this page!

How much/where can I find <insert Mesh part here> ?
We have LM givers by our Kits and pages the provides Links, prices, ect. Please do not ask me these things inworld. Luv you, but I’m not your personal shopper.