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Perfect Body & Essentials Body

G.Inc has two Mesh Bodys, the original Perfect Body and her latest addition the Essentials Body.
Both have our Omega Listeners built right in, so they work right outta the box!

The Details: 

 Reminder: We do not REVIEW meshes, only list features and specs. 

Omega Kit Type:  

  • Pre-Installed: Comes with the script pre-installed and ready to go. No Kit needed.
  • Materials Ready: This mesh is ready for Omega Materials Appliers
  • Tinting Ready: This mesh is ready for Omega Tinting Appliers

Applier Checklist:

Mesh Type:  Fitmesh: This item is a fitmesh item and requires a fitmesh friendly viewer to view properly.

Clothing Layers

  • Perfect Body/Bum: 3 Attached Clothing Layers
  • Perfect Body: Clothing layers extend over the hands and feet.
  • Essentials Body: 1 Attached Clothing Layer
  • Sugartitts: 3 Attached Clothing Layers

Hands and Feet

  • Essentials Body: No Hands/Feet included.
  • Perfect Bum: No Feet included.
  • Perfect Body: Hands and Feet are  included.
  • Perfect Body: Hands and Feet are hide-able
  • Very rough fit to Slink Feet, but included feet do fit slink shoes.

Head and Neck

  • The mesh does NOT go up the neck, so no head or neck appliers are needed




  • Nipples are NOT separate and use the upper body texture instead of the Tango Nipple UV

Is it Modify  no

Is there a Demo?  yes!

Where can I get it?

  • Perfect Body: 1399L
  • Essentials: 600L
  • Perfect Bum: 750L
  • Sug@Tits: 680L

Where Can I get the Kit?

It comes built in!







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