OSK – Kitties Lair

Kitties Lair Kit

Kitties Lair currently has 3 bodys, hands and feet, all of which are Omega Friendly.

Lena Lush, Lena Maternity and Lena Perky

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Omega Kit Information:

  • Kit Type: Standard. This kit uses a single scripted dropped into the Mesh.
  • Materials: This mesh is ready for the Omega Advanced Materials Update
  • Tinting: This mesh is ready for the Omega Tint Appliers
  • Kit Instruction
  • Applier Checklist:

Mesh Type:  Fitmesh: This item is a fitmesh item and requires a fitmesh friendly viewer to view properly.


Neck Blender:

  • None

Cloth Layers

  • 3 Clothing Layers
  • 1 Skirt Layer that uses the pants UV map

Hands and Feet:

  • Kittys Lair Hands/Feet Sold Separately
  • Type A Hands & Feet: Separated Toes, Physical Nails
  • Body Also Fits Slinks Hands and Feet
  • Feet have one Clothing Layer
  • Hands Have No Clothing or Tattoo Layers


  • Lena Lush has Nipples that Take Omega Nipple Appliers
  • Lena Perky and Maternity has no prim nipples


  • Lena Maternity has no Alphas
  • Lena Lush and Lena Perky:

Is it Modify? Yes

Is it Fitted? Yes

Is there a demo? Yes

Where can I get it?

How Much is it?

  • 899L for Lena Lush or Lena Perky
  • 899L for Lena Maternity
  • 199L for Feet
  • 249L for Hands
  • 799L for Head

Where can I get the kit?

See what people are saying!



 I can’t get clothing on my hands?!

The Hands have no clothing layers I’m afraid.

I can’t get the script into the hands/feet!

The hands and feet used to be no-mod, you probably need to grab a re-delivery of your mesh.