OSK – Anthro Animation

Omega System Kit for Anthro Animation


Anthro Animations has three Series of meshes, their mesh breasts, their curvy mesh bodys and their Muscle mesh bodies.
The Details: 
Omega Kit Type:
  • Standard: Being a Mod Mesh, a standard drop in script was possible.
  • Materials Ready: This mesh is ready for the Omega Advanced Materials Update
  • Kit Instructions

Clothing Layers

  • Curvy Bodies: One Clothing Layer
  • Muscle Bodies: Two Clothing Layers
  • Breasts: Two Clothing Layers + Pasties
  • Clothing are Separate Attachments
Hands and Feet
  • Hands are Included with the bodies but are hid-able.
  • Muscle Meshes Include Feet
  • Curvy Meshes do not Include Feet.
Head and Neck
  • No Head Included
  • Curvy Only: Neck comes with two different lengths for use with furry and normal avis
  • No Alphas are included, however a calf-less version is included for use with hooves, paws ect.


  • Nipples are separate and Omega Friendly! (Nipples come with the breasts, NOT the body)
  • Comes with  8 different nipple options
Is it Modify
Is it Fitted?
Is there a Demo?
Where can I get it?
How Much is it? 
  • 354L for Mesh Breasts
  • 649 – 849L for Mesh Bodys
Where Can I get the Kit?
Inworld: Inworld Link at top of the Page.

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