OSK – Belleza

Omega System Kit for Belleza


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The Details: Omega Kit Type: 

ApplierChecklist - Belleza

Mesh Type:  Fitmesh: This item is a fitmesh item and requires a fitmesh friendly viewer to view properly.

Clothing Layers: 
  • Belleza Full: Comes with 3 built in clothing layers. Clothing, Underwear, Tattoos.
  • Belleza Light: Comes with 1 Tattoo layer only.
  • These layers do not extend over the hands.
  • The underwear layer extends over the feet
Head and Neck:
  • No head is included.
  • Omega Friendly Neckblender.
Hands and Feet:
  • Belleza Light: 1 Hand Pose.
  • Belleza Full: 16 different hand positions…SIXTEEN.


  • Update: Hands/Feet have been altered and are now SLUV 🙂
  • 4 Foot poses, Flat, Mid, High and Just Design feet by Dave Freeman.
  • No clothing layers on the hands
  • Hands and feet are hideable, also the body has a “Slinkfit” setting so you can wear your slink  hands and feet.

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  • Nipples are separate and Omega Friendly!
Is it Modify
  • No.
Is it Fitted?
  • Yes!
Is there a Demo?
  • Yes!
Where can I get it?

How Much is it? 

  • 1799L fir a Single Lite Version
  • 2499L for a Single Full Version
  • 4499L for the Fatpack Version

Where Can I get the Kit?

Creator Info:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BellezaSkins/
Blog: http://www.bellezaskins.com/

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