OSK – Minikin

Omega System Kit for Minikin

This kit is designed to allow you to use your Omega, Tango and Phat azz clothing with the Minikin mesh bodies.
While there are some limitations, it should greatly expand your selection of clothing options ^.^

If you’ve not purchased this kit yet, you can get it here:

Part One:  Your Body and eyes

1. Rez out all body and eyes on the ground. For each one, drop in the appropriate Script.  “Omega Applier Listener Script for Minikin – Body” goes in the body. “Omega Applier Listener Script for Minikin – Eyes” goes into your eyes (Works for both .4 and .3)

Note: Make sure you’re rezing the MOD eyes you are given.

2. Pick them up and wear them!!

Your Body Parts Should now respond to Tango and Omega Appliers.

Part Two:  Clothing 

Petites and other Tinys normally use Clothing Templates rather then clothing layers and appliers, so in your Kit you will find Scripted Clothing Layers  These Layers you simply wear, and then use an appropriate Tango or Omega Applier.


There currently is no way to wear multiple layers with Minikin, so all clothing appliers will override one another and end up on the same layer.
Also note, not all Tango appliers are FULL appliers. Meaning instead of having the full upper texture, they only have the chest-plate texture, these will not work correctly sadly.

Next Steps
Thats it, enjoy!
-Chellynne Bailey
Omega Solutions – Home of the Omega Applier System




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