OSK – [Niramyth]

Omega System Kit for [Niramyth]
The male meshs keep coming!
This one has a custom UV map for skins, but has created SLUV clothing layers for it!
The Details: 
Reminder: We do not REVIEW meshes, only list features and specs. 
Omega Kit Type: 
  • Standard: This kit uses 2 scripts dropped into the Mesh.
  • Materials Ready: yes.
  • Instructions
  • Applier Checklist: Top, Bra, Undies, Pants ONLY. Skin and Tattoo layers are NOT SLUV.
Clothing (Tattoo) Layers
  • 3 unattached Layers of varying fit.
  • Unattached Pant layers do NOT stack
  • Unattached Top layers do not appear to be meant to stack..but stack fairly well regardless.
  • 1 attached tattoo layer that is not SLUV and does not take omega.
  • Clothing and Tattoo Layers do not extend over hands, feet or head.
Hands and Feet
  • Type A Hands and Feet
  • Hands and Feet are removable.
  • Does not fit standard sized hands and feet (ie, slink)
Head and Neck
  • Head is included and removable.

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