Omega System Kit for SKING

One of the oldest mesh brands on Second Life, Sking may very well be the most prolific as well. So prolific, I hesitated to make this page. Between Asses and Boobies and Female Mesh Bodys, Male Mesh Bodys, Muscle Mesh bodys for women and herms, Mesh heads and Gummy Nuts, this creator has more products then I could ever hope to cover here, and with 8 years of products on his sales floor, features may vary. Always check the demo and product information.

Just a small sample of a huge collection of mesh options. 

The Details: 

Omega Kit Type: 

  • Relay: Simply wear the relay when you want to use an Omega Applier!
    • Omega Supported Products:
      • Brazilia Ass and Bodys
      • 3.0+ Muscle Meshes
      • Rodger & Atoss Male Meshes
      • Sking Vulva
      • Da-Face (Omega Kit v1.2+)
    • Non-Omega Friendly Products
      • Gummy Nuts
  • Materials Ready? No. This these meshes are not Materials enabled.
  • Kit Instructions for Sking
  • Applier Checklist: Varies by mesh.
    • Brazilia Body: Upper Skin, Lower Skin, Top, Pant, Undies, Bra
    • Male Body: Upper Skin, Lower Skin, Top, Pant, Undies, Bra
    • Ladies Muscle Mesh: Upper Skin, Lower Skin, Top, Pant,
    • Brazilia Ass: Lower Skin, Undies, Pant
    • Sking Vulva: Lower Skin, Undies, Pant
    • Da Face: Head, Makeup, Head Tattoo

Clothing Layers

  • 1-2 Clothing Layers depending on product.
  • Clothing layers are attached, except for on Ladys Muscle Mesh

Hands and Feet

  • Hands and Feet are not included
  • Fits Slink Hands and Feet

Head and Neck

  • Da Face includes three full head makeup layers. “Hair”, “Makeup” and “Tattoo”.


  • Nipples are not separate and do not use the Tango Nipple UV

Is it Modify

  • no
 Is it Fitted?
  • Newer items yes, older items no. See ad for each individual item.
 Is there a Demo?
  • In most cases yes.

Where can I get it?

Where Can I get the Kit?

On the MP: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Omega-System-Kit-for-Sking/6144521
Inworld: See Inworld Store Link at the top of the page.

Note About Male Meshes:

Male Skins/Meshes have no agreed on spot for the Male Nipple. Location varies greatly. Always try a demo appliers before purchasing male skins!

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