OSK – Violet Studios

Omega System Kit for Violet Studios

Violet Studios provide a large variety of mesh bodies and parts, including breasts and booties (butt and thighs), attachments for your avatar.
Currently, the items which are Omega compatible are the Wide Load Lower Bodies, Scales Micro/Macro bodies (human/demon versions), Fusion Full Mesh Avatar Bodies (human/demon versions), and the Fusion Pick’n’Mix Mesh Avatar Body and parts. More may be added in the future, so check the listings
The Details: 
Omega Kit Type: 
  • Plug-in/Relay – Due to violet studios EXTENSIVE selection, we decided it was best to use a relay that was built  into their Daily HUD.   The relay can be activated by purchasing and using the activator in the Violet Studios Kit
  • Tinting/Materials Ready: With the exception of the implant line, all products are Materials/Tinting Ready
  • Kit Instructions for Violet Studios

Alpha Huds

  • Alpha options vary widely.
Clothing Layers
  • Typically 2 Clothing Layers. (Check individual packaging)
  • Clothing Layers are attached.
Is it Modify
  • Most parts yes. (Check individual packaging!)
Is it Fitted?
  • Most, but not all (Check individual packaging!)
Is there demos?
Where can I get it?
How Much is it? 
  • 250 – 750L for Fusion & Fusion Pick‘n’Mix Parts
  • 800L for Wide Load Lower Bodies
  • 1000 – 2000L for Scales and Full Fusion Mesh Bodies (all versions)
Where Can I get the Kit?

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