OSK – Slink

Omega System Kit for Slink

Slink has finished updating their female meshes!
Now Ladys can enjoy the Slink/Omega Love!

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 Slink is a popular creator of Human Mesh Hands, Feet, Bodys and Heads.
Omega Now works with their new Mesh Body, Hands, Head and Feet!
The Details: 
Omega Kit Type: 
  • Plug-In: This mesh needs a easy to use Activator.
  • Materials Ready: This mesh is ready for the Omega Advanced Materials Update
  • Tinting Ready: Sorta…they do  not respond to the colors from our tinting appliers BUT their hud includes layer tinting….so yes?
  • Kit Instructions
  • Applier Checklist

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Clothing Layers

  • 3 Clothing Layer on Body
  • 2 Clothing Layers on the Hands/Feet
  • Clothing Layers are attached.
Head and Neck
  • Type A Head Sold Separately
  • Modular Makeup Support.
  • 5 Makeup Zones
Hands and Feet
  • Hands are sold separately.
  • Feet are sold separately.
  • Alpha HUD:

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  • Nipples are not separate.
Is it Modify
Is it Fitted?

Body – Yes

Is there a Demo?
Where can I get it?
How Much is it? 
  • 1250L for Mesh Body
  • 675L for Mesh Feet
  • 450L for Mesh Hands
  • 2250L for Mesh Heads
Where Can I get the Kit?

Inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glamour%20Isle/143/121/23

Note About Male Meshes:
Male Skins/Meshes have no agreed on spot for the Male Nipple. Location varies greatly. Always try a demo appliers before purchasing male skins!

See what others are Saying:

One thought on “OSK – Slink

  1. Omg I just absolutely love this body and have gotten it and had it since it has come out, havent seen heaps of women wear this body in SL, though I love it and took off the Maitreya body just to wear it, I love how the omega system has a installer for it, makes it so much easier just having a installer for bodies in second life unlike the Relay Maitreya has, I didn't like wearing a Relay, However this is personally the best body I have ever worn, I love the body though miss wearing the maitreya Alpha hud etc, and wish that the Slink would be alot simular to the Maitreya alpha hud, other then that I have no problems with this body, Its a good price for only 1250L I like that as some bodies in second life can be rediculously expensive and over priced.

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