OSK – Immortals

Omega System Kit for Immortals

 One of the older Mesh makers, these folks have a wide range of  Tiny, Normal and GIANT Avis.
way more then I can picture here.
(Plus Maternity Shapes!)

You really have to check them out to understand how many options they have.

Omega Kit Information:

  • Kit Type: Standard. This kit uses a single scripted dropped into the Mesh.
  • Is Materials Ready


  • Comes with a variety of clothing options, flared and unflared pants, long and short gloves, ect but only one effective layer.


  • Hands and feet are included.
  • Type D Feet.
  • Some also include Non-SLUV mesh feet.


  • No Nips


  • No Alphas
  • Varies but some come with No-Feet and Hoof-Cut Options (Read Packaging carefully!)
Is it Modify?
  • Yes

Is it Fitted?

  • No
Is there a demo?
  • Yes
Where can I get it?
  • 1400-1800L

Where can I get the kit?

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