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Orange Nova Kit
Someone was kind enough to point out Orange Nova’s new Human Avi this morning!
And we all know what that means!
New Kit!
This new mesh Avi comes from a popular mesh furry maker, Orange Nova. I’m rather excited because this is the first fitted mesh Avi we’ve added to the system with that animated look for the face.
We’re gunna start doing something a little different with these Blog Posts and give you a run down of what we’re told are the important things to note. This is not a review, since most of the time we never get to try the meshes on, but a summary of features we’re often asked about.

Omega Kit Type:

  • Standard: The Kit uses 4 drop in scripts, one for each provided layer + eyes.


Clothing Layers:

  • It includes 2 unattached clothing layers.
  • Clothing layers extend over hands and feet and up neck.

Head and Head Layers:

  • It includes a Head, which is hidable.
  • It has no make up or tattoo layers. but is SLUV and works with Omega Head Appliers.
  • It also comes with mesh Eyes (also Omega Friendly)
  • The eyes Blink
  • Voicechat enabled jaw
  • Posable mouth, and multiple lip poses.

Hands and Feet:

  • The hands and Feet are attached and SLUV.
  • They are also hideable, so you may use your slink hands/feet. (or so the ad says)
  • It has no nails, and relies on painted on nails, so nail appliers will not work. Nor will Omega Hand/Foot appliers.
  •  They come with multiple hand and foot poses.
  •  Includes something they’ve dubbed “slink adapters”. Have not tested.
  • The feet have the unique feature of having separate toes but not separate nails. As a result you will have to choose between appliers with no nails on them, or appliers with weird shading meant for combined toed feet. (ie the standard avi, minikin, ect)



  • Nipples are not Tango-UV. So no Nipple  Appliers.

Is it Modify?

  • It’s totally modify!
Is it Fitted?
  • Yes!

Is there a Demo?

Where can I get it?
How Much is it?
  • 1750L
Where can I get the  Kit?
-Chellynne Bailey
Love N Lust Designs – Home of the Omega System

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