OSK – La Bomba

Omega System for La Bomba & Aiko Mesh Avatars


 The Details: 
 Omega Kit Type: 
  • Pre-Installed: This Mesh comes with Omega Built in!
  • Materials Ready: This mesh is ready for the Omega Advanced Materials Update
  • Kit Instructions
  • Applier Checklist*

Update 0.93: Now uses Nail and Nipple Appliers too!
*Important to note: While the Aiko Mesh Avi takes Omega Skin Appliers like the rest of this creators meshes, it’s face is NOT Typical. While SLUV-ish, It’s done in the anime style and contorts the skins ALOT and will requires skins designed specifically for it. We’re left Omega Skin Appliers ON for Modder/Skin Maker Convenience (We are this creators only applier system), but you WILL need to make or find skins made specifically for this mesh. 

Clothing Layers

  • 3 Clothing Layer(s)
  • Clothing Layers are attached.

Hands and Feet

  • Hands are Included as their own attachment.
  • Feet are Included as their own attachment.
  • Bomba Only: Includes version of the body that fits Slink hands and Feet.

Head and Neck

  • Head included but detachable.
  • Aiko: 9 Expressions
  • Bomba: 4 Expressions.
  • Aiko: Does not Fit SL/3rd Party Heads
  • Bomba: Does not fit SL/3rd Party Heads.
  • Bomba: Update 0.93:  Seems to mostly fit 3rd Party Heads Now.
    A Head with a neck blender is still recommended. (demo, demo, DEMO)

Makeup Layers

  • Type B Head : Single Makeup Layer with 1 or 2 texture zones
  • Update 0.93: 2 Makeup Layer(s)
  • 1 Makeup Zones(s)
  • Makeup Layers are attached.


  • Aiko Alpha HUD:

Aiko Alpha HUD

  • Bomba Alpha HUD:


  • Nipples are not separate.
  • Update 0.93: Separate Nipples now included!
Is it Modify
Is it Fitted?

Is there a Demo?
yes –

Where can I get it?

How Much is it? 

  • 2799L
  • Curvy Tentacion: 1799L temp promo, 2799L thereafter
  • Aiko: 879L Temp Promo, 1199L Thereafter

Where Can I get the Kit?

No Kit Needed! It Comes with Omega Built In!

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