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ND/MD Meshes

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Man do these folks have alot of meshes! ND/MD has a variety of Tiny Mesh,
plus a full sized female mesh and a their line of Cuties Toddler Meshes. Lets start with the Toddlers:


The Details:

  • ND/MD Real Doll Kit Type: Shells. This kit is Clothing Only and uses pre-scripted clothing shells
  • ND/MD Tinys Kit Type: Standard + Shells. This kit uses a single scripted dropped into the Mesh, plus pre-scripted clothing shells
  • ND/MD Head Kit Type: Plug-in. This mesh comes with a script that activates when you use the installer!
  • Is Materials Ready
  • Is Tinting Ready
  • Kit Instructions
  • Applier Checklist:

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  • All come with a variety of clothing options, but only one or two effective layers per body.
    • No Makeup (head) layers.
    • Little Male: One layer on bottom, 2 on top. Does not cover hands or feet.
    • Little Me: Two Layers on top and bottom. Layers to cover hands, but not feet.
    • Nano Girl: One on top, Two on Bottom. Layers to cover hands, but not feet.
    • Nano Boy:  One Layer on top and bottom. Nothing to cover hands or feet.
    • Little Dolly: One Layer + Bra on top, 4 layers on bottom.  Gloves for hands and stocking layers that cover feet.
    • Cuties: Comes with a variety of clothing options, flared and un-flared pants, long and short gloves, ect but only one effective layer.
    • Real Doll: Come with a variety of clothing options, but only one layer.
    • Heads: No Makeup layers


  • Hands and feet are included.


  • No Nips

Is it Modify?

  • Most versions are not, verify you’re getting the Modify version if you wish to use Omega Skins.
Is it Fitted?
  • No
Is there a demo?
  • Yes
Where can I get it?

How Much is it?

  • 1250-2500L for modify versions

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