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Posh Nails Information

Love N Lust Designs has partnered with POSH nails to bring you the POSH Claws collection!

The Details

Omega System Kit: 

  • The nails come with the Omega System Built in! No scripts to drag or activate! Just wear and go!


  • The nail hud is set up to let you use a different applier on each nail if that is your desire.
  • By clicking each nail on the hud, you can turn that nails listener on or off. When the nail is pink, that nail is listening for appliers, when it is black, appliers will not touch it.
  • You can turn entire groups of nail listeners on and off using the “All On”, “All Off” and other options on the bottom of the HUD.

Is it Modify


Is it Fitted?

No. Each set comes with three sizes, 10, 20 or 30.

Is there a Demo?


Where can I get it?

How Much is it? 

400L per hand pose.

Can I wear it on other Hands?

Only the Hands and Poses Listed can be used. Make SURE you buy the set for your hand pose. We’re still adding more poses and styles so check back periodically.

Can you make these for <insert other mesh here>?

Maybe. With enough demand. Slink Poses are the current to-do list, starting with the most popular  ones (Elegant, Relaxed, Casual) Leave suggestions for others in the comments..

Can you do the separate nail thing for the other kits?!

Most of them no. This sort of thing has technical requirements that most meshes do not meet. Specifically each fingernail needs to be it’s own prim, which is rare. In fact, I can’t think of any that do that other then slink off the top of my head.

How do I make appliers for these?

Like any other Omega Kit, these use our Omega Applier! You can find the Dev kit here:


What UV Map do these use?

These use the Slink/Omega UV map, but bear in mind these nails are much longer then typical slink nails (about 2 times the length of their “long” nails. ). Your appliers will be stretched significantly, remember this when picking designs.

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