Bakes on Mesh Update

Bakes on Mesh Update!

I went to the Creators Meeting today, and it looks like we’re starting to finally get through to the Lindens about the importance of an API at launch.
(See the meeting here:

If you’ve not heard the news, Linden Labs is working on something called Bakes on Mesh. The long and the sort of it is that they want to let Mesh Users use System Layers on Mesh!
This is frankly very good news. It should cut down dramatically on a variety of issues, such as alpha clitches, massive overheads for Mesh Makers and all those old items that still need to get converted to Appliers!
You can read what the Lindens have to say about this here:

There are plenty of other issues to still hammer out, how to handle Materials, how to handle Asymmetrical Appliers, etc, however, as many of you know, the one I feel is most pressing is the NEED to have an API to insert textures into the Stacks. Frankly, It’s the hill I plan to die on.

Why? So I can still make something to get all your appliers onto your bodies and keep Applier Creators from having to convert their entire stock back to System Layers…. we’ve had to deal with one conversion, lets not do it again.

Frankly, This is something EVERYONE should care about.

1) Customers, if you don’t want to have to toss a bunch of stuff again like you did when you switched to a Mesh Body, you need them to let us have this.
2) Applier Creators, I’m sure you know how much easier it is to create appliers then System layers. You also know how long it would take you to rebox all your skins, makeups and anything else you didn’t put in a System layer! So again, you need them to do this!!
3) Mesh Makers, I know you’re excited to trim your Onion Layers down, or even toss them all, but without this API, your customers are going to be stuck waiting on Skin Makers to redo their entire Stock of textures. Remember what your pretty feet look like with the wrong texture on them?

Let’s not do this again shall we? 

Hands, Feet and Eyes pretty much guarantee Skin makers are going to have to rebox all their stuff in order to support Bakes on Mesh with textures that don’t look like crap.  So lets make sure they don’t have to do that.. AGAIN.  The Lindens seem to be finally getting it, but we need to make sure they know how important this is.  So make sure you get your voices heard!

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Frankly, if they do it right, Bakes on Mesh can be AWESOME. We could be looking at a future where System Layers and Appliers could be used on ANY mesh, opening up a bunch of scripting possibilities. So let’s make sure that happens!!