Announcing Omega Evolved!

Announcing Omega Evolved!

First, there was Omega, and then Omega Advanced and now, our 3rd Generation of Appliers, Omega Evolved!

Just like Omega Advanced brought Materials and Tinting, Omega Evolved Marks bring s new features to the Omega Applier System!

As some of you know, for Several Months Now I’ve been updating Omega Kits and refining the new dev kit so we can have these new features:

  • Asymmetrical Eye Appliers: You may have already noticed this one! Kits have been being updated to provide a popup whenever you apply an eye applier, allowing you to have 2 different eye textures!
  • Asymmetrical Arm Appliers:  This one I’m super excited about, I’ve added keywords to the system to allow skin, tattoo and clothing makers to create designs for a single arm, or different designs for both arms!
  • Stand Alone Materials: People have been asking for this FOREVER. Now you can create appliers that are JUST the spec and/or normal map!
  • Makeup Routing Update: This too you may have already noticed! Yall hated the Router. Don’t lie, you did! So I’ve been updating all the heads to use a popup when you click on a Makeup/HUD button!
  • Eyelash Appliers: I actually announced this a while ago so mesh makers can do their thing, and luckily enough, quite a few mesh makers have jumped on board/are in the process of jumping! So with the new dev kit IS the ability to make lash appliers!
  • Faster Applications: Ok..I know.. boring update.. but thanks to Signature we have found a much faster way of texturing big primmy meshes! So huzza!
  • A whole new dev kit with more flexibility than ever before! 
    • New Single Script for ALL appliers, standard appliers, materials, tinting, doesn’t matter.  Skins can be on the same hud as makeup or clothing, standard and materials appliers can be on the same hud with Stand-Alone Material appliers, it doesn’t care.
    • We’ve returned to Notecard configurations for easier large hud setups
    • Spam-Click Protection for Makeup Appliers: Click once to send a texture to where you designated, click the same button again to trigger the makeup popup we’ve added to heads!
    • You can now put multiple textures into one button. Send a dress to both top and pants. Send eyes and nails with your skin appliers!
    • Be a pro with our “Advanced Tricks”. Use multiple notecards (because organization?), set notecards to autodelete, try loud mode to make sure all your data is being saved or try our memory saving trick that lets you reuse notecard lines for multiple layers!
    • New Instructions here:
  • Updated Layer Converters: I’ve added extra buttons to the clothing converter for each arm! Turn existing tattoos into single arm tatts, or be creative with clothing colors!
  • RLV Integration: Those of you with the RLV kit know that it’s frankly clunky and inelegant. You have to wear someone’s product that uses it, plus the relay.. and ugg… I hate it. So I’ve started integrating the strip/dress api directly into the kits. No more relay needed and it’s letting me better tailor it’s behavior to individual meshes. (great right?). The caveat, that hopefully not too many of you hate me for is that It’s ONLY for clothing at this time. Given the disparate nature of the mesh head market, I’ve simply not found an elegant solution for makeups, and I’m not sure there’s a huge need. If a good idea comes to me for handling the makeup layers elegantly, I will start adding it in at a later date.

Phew, hope I remembered everything. Now, I need to emphasize, To make all of this possible, I’m having to update every single script in the system just like I did for Omega Advanced when I added Materials and Tinting! I’m going to be updating kits and add-ons through Christmas, maybe through Valentines. So if I’ve not updated your favorite mesh yet, I am sorry. I have a massive pile of scripts to update and MOST of them require some level of collaboration with the individual mesh makers even if it’s just “Hey! Swap this script out for me please?!”.  Even SUPER cooperative folks may need to do a lot of work on their end to get things done! (like the arms!) So hold on and be patient!


So how do I know if my mesh has the new features?

I realized most of the way through I would need to get some sort of spreadsheet going to track it all, which can be found here:
Worksheet Progress:

Do note, it is NOT complete. There’s a lot of incomplete data. So atm, the best way to tell is to grab an update just try it.

Also, now that the update has been announced, as I update meshes, I can start announcing when they’ve been updated and start getting information on their individual product pages!

When are you going to update ______? What order are you doing the updates?!

I don’t know and the best description for my method is “Lowest Hanging Fruit” combined with “Biggest Impact” combined with “”. The first folks who got updates were new meshes and folks who happened to needed new scripts because of their own updates. At this point, I’m just flailing wildly between getting kits done on the “best selling” list done and getting kits done in logical “batches” and hitting the random number generator when I can’t decide what to work on next!

I’m a Mesh Maker, why haven’t I heard from you yet?
Sorry about that! Again.. LOTS of you! I’m getting through you guys as fast as I can! You can read more about the update for mesh makers, as well as get the new logos here:

I’m a Designer, where do I get this Dev Kit?! How can I test it?! Is there new LOGOS?!

The Dev kit, just grab a redelivery, you’ll get the new one.  For testing, if you don’t have a Mesh that has the new features, I’ve erected mesh mannequins inworld for you to test appliers on!

The new logos are on the Dev Kit page!

Do I have to update all my applier products?! Are they going to stop working?

Nuuuuu. Everything from before will keep working, in same cases, like Makeup, it’ll work even better as buttons that used to require the routing hud now just bring up a popup!

Project Unicorn

You’ve been given this link because you are a:

  • Omega Friendly Mesh maker
  • In the process of becoming one.
  • Staff of a Mesh Maker who needs to know
  • or Staff, Minion or Beta Tester of Omega Solutions.

The following is NOT public knowledge yet and may be subject to change, so please keep details close to your chest.  By all means, share with whatever staff, contractors, whathaveyou that you need, but make sure they know to keep quiet about it as well.  I’ve put all the information in a spoiler below, consider opening it your agreement to keep mum! Ok? Ok!

Update: I’ve released the Dev Kit and Layer Converters! Talk away and don’t forget to grab your new Logos bellow if you’ve already updated your mesh!

Project Unicorn Details

Hi! I’m doing the following updates to the kits. Some of you have already gotten scripts from me, others I will get to. I have… ALOT to do, so do not panic if I’ve not reached out to you yet. Everyone WILL get done!

Mesh Updates

Faster Applications:

Thanks to Signature for showing me a new way to do applications that speed things up dramatically on primy meshes. If you mesh has alot of prims, and we’re doing direct application, you should see a dramatic increase in speed after the update.

Eye Appliers

All Eye Appliers will now bring up a prompt asking the user to pick an eye, thus allowing a different eye texture on each eye.
While part of the larger update, this feature will work as soon as new scripts are inserted.

Lash Appliers

Yip! Finally Doing Lash Appliers! There is now a UV for it, and if you want to support the new UV, all you have to do is let me know so I can get you a new script!

More Info Here:

Makeup Appliers

Makeup, Tattoo, HUD and ALL buttons on Face and Cosmetic appliers will now trigger a pop-up asking where to apply the texture. In the past, the Makeup/HUD buttons would require the use of the Generic Router, resulting in alot of confused customers as clicking does nothing without it. Now, it brings up a easy popup. The All/Tattoo buttons are also getting phased out, not being important as heads shift from a single makeup layer to many overlapping ones.

Independent Materials

I’m introducing the ability to make appliers that are JUST spec and/or normal maps. If your skin/ect doesn’t come with materials, you can buy materials separately and apply it after the fact. This is done by simply changing the logic for Textures, Spec Maps and normal Maps.

While the old logic for applying looked like this:

<replace texture>
<replace normal map>
<replace spec map/gloss/env>

The new Logic is:

if (TUUID != NULL_KEY) <replace texture>
if (TUUID != NULL_KEY || NUUID != NULL_KEY) <replace normal map>
if (TUUID != NULL_KEY || SUUID != NULL_KEY) <replace spec map/gloss/env>
if (TUUID != NULL_KEY)  <color>

This will allow new appliers to be JUST spec and/or gloss. If your skin/ect doesn’t come with materials, you can buy materials separately and apply it after the fact.

Arm Appliers

This bit has me super excited! I’m adding appliers for single arms. The idea is to let folks have tattoos and skins that are asymmetrical! (Finally!)



Obviously, the idea is to let folks have tattoos and skins that are asymmetrical! (Finally!)
Now, I should note, that Arms should be the entire arm, but also the hand. That way, you can have a mark on one hand and then not the other.

Related Updates:

These updates are directly for the Meshes themselves, but are part of the Update as a whole:

New Applier Dev Kit:

A New Applier will be released that works off notecards and will replace ALL Material and Tinting Appliers in the Dev Kit, with Standard Appliers being phased out later. Due to the nature of the new applier, I will more easily be able to add new keywords and applier types as needed.  This is also how Lash and Arm appliers are being added.

Update: Dev Kit is in Beta and available for any mesh maker who wants to play with it, just contact me and ask.

New Layer Converters:

The Layer converters for clothing will be updated to include buttons for Left and Right Arms.

New Mannequins:
New Mannequins are being commissioned with ALL the applier zones.

New Testing HUD of Doom:
I’m also working on a new Testing HUD of Doom for testing all these new applier types!

Update: New Strip/Redress Commands
Partway through the project Unicorn update, it occurred to me I should get started working on integrating the RLV Kit functions into the kits themselves for better responsiveness and user-friendliness.  Since I’ve already handed out scripts before this decision, this won’t be part of this update but will be a future update. I AM laying down the coding now since I already am updating scripts. So once Project Unicorn is done I’ll only have to go back and update the missed kits.  (For reference, if your Script has an M at the end, it’s been updated for project unicorn. If it’s MR at the end, it’s got project Unicorn + the rlv commands).For any that are

For any that are currious, the API for this is a stupid simple:

  • Redress:all
  • Redress:top
  • Redress:bra
  • Redress:upTatt
  • Redress:pants
  • Redress:undies
  • Redress:lowTatt
  • Strip:all
  • Strip:top
  • Strip:bra
  • Strip:upTatt
  • Strip:pants
  • Strip:undies
  • Strip:lowTatt

If you’d like to implement this yourself instead of through our scripts, let me know and I’ll get you the channel involved.

New Logos for Mesh Makers:

These are the new logos for Meshes that have been updated to the Omega Evolved Update. I put them here so you can start working on promotional materials, but do NOT display them yet.
Please wait until the update is announced.  Thank you very much for your cooperation. (And I hope it goes without saying, please use the CORRECT logo… if you’re not sure which to use, ask)

Omega Evolved Plug-in Logo – Full Size
Omega Evolved Pre-Installed Logo – Full Size


Will this cost me anything?
This is an update I am triggering so costs you nothing, except of course anything it costs you to have your staff implement any changes. (Sorry about that!)

Do I HAVE to implement the ______ Update?!
Why wouldn’t you want to?! X.X Ok fine… it depends. If I’m able to get it done with minimal fuss on your end, yes, you must update it. This may mean you need to add name or description info, but I will work with you to do it however which way is easiest. If however, it requires a big fuss on your end, ie, an API update or UV Update, then no, you are not required to do it. I am not an unreasonable monster, I will be working with each Mesh Maker to make sure they get as many of the updates as is practical.

Do the Arm appliers apply to hands too?
Yes, they are intended to texture the entire arm including the hand.

When does all this come out?
The Eye and Makeup updates will work right away as soon as I get you new scripts, the rest will be announced and released with the New Dev Kit. My goal is to have it out on Nov 1st, with the new Mannequins coming soon after so creators can start making things for the Christmas Season. I will, however, be surprised if I’m not still updating kits right through Christmas!

Will Child Avis be getting the RLV API too?! -alarmed look-

Absolutely fucking not. It’s one of the reason’s I’m moving the functionality into the kits themselves so that kid kits can be specifically omitted.
While there are clean and innocent applications for the API, kid avis can live without IMO.

I really don’t wanna support Perverted stuff >.>

I GET that.. but I REALLY wanna get everyone on board for this. If I can get the RLV API working on all the kits, I can make the whole system 100x more elegant, keep the perverts happy AND keep the API AWAY from the child avis. Right now we have an RLV kit and it works on EVERY Mesh. It’s not the best solution (as evidenced by the fact I’m trying to switch to something more elegant), but it doesn’t care what mesh it’s working with. If I can get all the body kits updated, that means I can take the current RLV Kit DOWN and replace it with one that doesn’t work on Kids Avis.


Sooo.. I think that’s everything.
Let me know if you have any questions, objections, suggestions.

Oh, and please let me know when you’ve updated, I’ll do a quick look over before marking you ready-to-go!

-Chellynne Bailey