The Affiliate Vendor Kit + Tofan

Hey, Affiliate Merchants!

Here at Omega I am acutely aware of just how much Affiliate Vendors helped us get established as a brand. With over 1000 Affiliates, it’s no surprise that having all those vendors all over the grid REALLY helped Omega get its footing. Without you guys, I’m not sure Omega would be nearly as pervasive as it is today!

Now that we are established, I’d like to do something new with this awesome Affiliate Network we have created together.

The Omega Friends Affiliate Network, AKA TOFAN (ok, maybe I’ll change that name latter) is all about utilizing this awesome network of affiliates to help small brands get all the attention they deserve while offering awesome opportunities to our many affiliates by bringing them vendors with unique and useful items we think will sell given some exposure.  HUDs, Furniture, Clothes, Skins, anything can be featured, just as long as it’s awesome and unique.

That is why today you are all getting re-deliveries of your Affiliate Kits. Inside this first run, we feature Nutbusters awesome Furry Feet and Hooves, perfect for any shop catering to the Furry Demographic, and Chameleon’s awesome Gatcha Reselling System, perfect for any shop that deals heavily in Gatchas or anyone who runs a Gatcha Yard Sale! (Seriously.. I love these little gatcha Vendors… everything gets loaded to a searchable website.. and you can see the total value of what you’ve put out…it’s down right magical >.>)

Now, Depending on your business, these items may or may not fit well in your shop.  Feel Free to rez, or not rez whichever vendors you want to display.  If you don’t like these, still keep your eye out for future deliveries as we will add more products to the package.

For More Information about the Tofan Program, including how to have your products featured, visit us here: